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Susie McLean Talks Joining The Real Housewives Of Melbourne!

This past weekend, the cast of third season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne was officially announced by Foxtel. Susie McLean was revealed as the newest cast member, becoming the show's official eighth housewife!

“I’m just winging it and I’ll see what happens and where it takes me,’’ McLean told the Herald Sun. “I’m loving that feeling of doing this. It’s like a freefalling thing. I could end up on my a--- as the laughing stock of Melbourne. So be it.”

McLean said she knew some of the other cast, particularly Gina Liano and Lydia Schiavello, before going on the show.

“I know the girls so well and just spending time with them is really fun,’’ McLean added.

“It’s just so surreal. Naturally there’s a bit of tension, probably more history, when you know girls for a long time.”

Susie is a single mother of two sons ages of 17 and 19. She was formerly married to ex-St Kilda president Rod Butterss.

McLean will be joined by returning cast members Chyka Keebaugh, Gamble Breaux, Gina Liano, Jackie Gillies, Janet Roach, Lydia Schiavello and Pettifleur Berenger.

Real Housewives of Melbourne will continue filming until November. The third season is set to premiere in early 2016.

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Photo Credit: Foxtel