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Simon Barney Accused Of Being Jealous Of Tamra Judge's Husband Eddie Judge!

According to a new report, all recent tabloid rumors surrounding Tamra Judge are all lies and false! Last week, Judge’s ex husband, Simon Barney, called out the Real Housewives of Orange County star for her alleged “trash talking and scandalous behavior.”

The former couple are currently at a custody war over their older daughter Sidney, Judge's ex-husband released an official statement slamming his ex-wife's behavior. “I have always tried to keep quiet and take the high road,” Barney’s official statement reads.

“Unfortunately the latest barrage of negative press has warranted some kind of statement. My statement is to set the record straight with facts, truths, not fabrications and accusations.”

Barney is referring to alleged claims that his daughter is being forced to read “nasty comments” made about him by Judge in the press.

“Not only does my daughter have to read and hear about what her mother says about her father on the internet and various talk-shows, she is forced to relive it over and over from her ‘friends and classmates,’” the statement reads.

Now, an inside source is claiming that Barney's accusations are all false and NOT true.

“Simon uses the show to alienate Tamra’s oldest daughter from her. It’s SICK,” the source tells Rumor Fix. “Her other kids hate him and want away from him so bad. It was fine when him and Tamra did silly stuff on the show but now that they are divorced and Eddie’s on the show, he can’t stand it!”

According to the source, Barney’s main problem is that he is simply jealous of Tamra’s current husband, Eddie Judge. Apparently, Barney is simply jealous of the attention he is not getting anymore now that he is not on the show.

“It’s awfully hypocritical coming from a guy that previously on the show was doing shots of tequila, lingerie scenes in Napa with Tamra, beer bongs and lap dancing in Havasu and dancing with other women in a nightclub on his short stint on RHOC.”

“Sounds like someone can’t stand to be out of the spotlight!,” the source added.

Photo Credit: Getty Images