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Meghan Edmonds Admits She Went ‘Too Far’ With Investigating Brooks Ayers' Past: “I Am Embarrassed That I Dug So Deeply”

Meghan King Edmonds is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Meghan reveals why she is suspicious of Brooks' cancer. Meghan writes:

"Fall has arrived! And by that I mean a fall from grace...

There are two main things that I would like to address in tonight's episode: Hayley and The Cancer.

First of all LeAnn, Donny, Jimmy, and myself were furious with Hayley for throwing a party while all of us were out of town. Additionally, LeAnn was sick at the time and didn't have the energy to deal with Hayley's repercussions. But the fact remains that teenagers will be teenagers whether their mom has cancer or not. Having said this, we were very angry with Hayley. And as a stepmother there is little I can do while she was living with her mom most of the time (to help LeAnn during her last months on earth). I also straddle a fine line between "friend" and "mom". Hayley and I spoke at length about this party and she was apologetic. More than anything, however, she was scared when the party grew out of hand. Hayley is just a normal teenager who often forgets that much of her life has been in the spotlight due to her dad's incredible baseball career and 'friends of friends of friends' wanted to go to "Jim Edmonds' daughter's party". It got out of hand to the point where she had trouble controlling the situation. This doesn't make what she did right, but I am glad she learned her lesson.

Secondly, I want to address The Cancer. I want to start by saying that I truly believed Brooks had cancer and I was truly concerned for his health and treatment options. Once inconsistencies with Brooks and Vicki's story started adding up and when Vicki got immensely defensive and attacked me for unrelated topics, I began to find The Cancer suspicious. At the point in this episode, I did not believe that Brooks had cancer. Here's some of the reasons why:

            - He is on a cleanse, and thus far we have seen him drink alcohol (HELLO SUGAR) multiple times.

            - He travels while on chemo. Even Briana said this was not okay.

            - He skipped Shannon's MD appointment because he got two flat tires. This is Brooks' life! Why didn't he take an Uber? Or reschedule?

            - Heather even notes that the new MD Brooks is referring to (which Brooks himself told Heather was the same doctor she used in the past) is not an oncologist.

I searched online for information because I wanted to know the truth about The Cancer. I contacted his ex-girlfriend to find out more information. Did I go too far? Yes. I should have let it go. I am embarrassed that I dug so deeply. I didn't trust Brooks or Vicki and I wanted to find an answer, but the way I went about it was wrong.

Vicki seems to be very concerned with loyalty when it comes to Tamra and about respecting her elders. I am concerned with truth and I believe trust needs to be earned. At this point, Vicki hasn't earned my respect. And it's not fair to Tamra to play the loyalty card with her. The truth is, if Vicki was loyal to Tamra she would've told Jimmy and me that Brooks said to HER (and not Tamra) what Jimmy supposedly said at the hockey game about our marriage (which is strange that they wouldn't address it to my husband when I brought it up, another lie I believe Brooks told).

It is offensive to me that someone (Brooks) is potentially exploiting this platform for the sake of themselves and not the cause. Not only that, but he's exploiting friendships (Shannon), public opinion, and spreading the word about a potentially dangerous "treatment" which I find highly unethical."

What do you think about Meghan’s blog?

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Monday nights at 9/8c only on Bravo

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo