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Jill Zarin Reveals The Reason She Didn't Appear In The #RHONY 100th Episode WWHL Special!

Earlier this month, the 100th episode special of the Real Housewives of New York City aired on Bravo and a familiar face was a no show: Jill Zarin! During a recent interview with The Huffington Post, the former Bravo reality star opened up and revealed why she decided not to appear in the #WWHL special. Check it out below!

“I guess I didn’t feel like they [Bravo] really want me,” Zarin told the HuffPost Live.

“I mean, I did get a call but I didn’t feel like it was a real call, I don’t know.” “Again, it’s in my head, but it’s real to me, the proceed of really being wanted… Listen, I wasn’t doing it for the money, because basically there was no money offered, so if it’s not about money, which by the way: Yeah you can buy me for a certain price, I’m sure for a certain level I’ll be like for that kind of money I’ll do it cause I’ll buy something nice with it’”

“But since that wasn’t on the table, do I want to do it because it’s going to make me feel good? And I didn’t know if it will make me feel good. In fact, I knew it wouldn’t make me feel good. I knew I was already anxious and uncomfortable and having all kinds of anxiety about it.”

“When asked if it was due to revisiting her infamous feud with former Bestie Bethenny, Jill responded:

“No... Not totally, a little bit” said the Confessions of a Jewish Mother author. “ You know it’s a paranoia thing, the show brings a terrible amount of paranoia, and it’s real paranoia.”

“The paranoia, whether it was true or untrue, it’s was A perception of what I thought it was going to happen, it gave me…. I’m having a beautiful summer, now my life is good, everything is good, then when this whole thing started to come up, umm…. I didn’t know if I was going to be included or not”

“And then I did end up getting a phone call or an email. I didn’t even get a phone call. I got an email. You know, it’s a respect thing,” she added.

She ended the topic by saying: “Maybe that’s probably one of the reasons why things didn’t work out with us. It’s like a bad date.”

“But I didn’t think they really wanted me, I think they needed to say they asked me because they just needed too but I feel like they didn’t needed me, they didn’t want me to come on, and what was I gonna say? No?! I mean, I think it will be great, I’ll watch it. I want to hear what everyone has to say”

Watch the full interview below!

Photo Credit: Bravo