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Heather Thomson Explains Why She Quit ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’

Last week, Heather Thomson shocked fans when she announced that she was leaving The Real Housewives of New York City after three seasons. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Yummie Tummie owner explained why she decided to walk away from the Bravo hit reality series.

"The reality of it that I just can't do it anymore," she admitted to Entertainment Tonight. "I have to focus on the things that are really, really important in my life and that's my family and my business. While I'm filming the show I also am running a multi-million dollar business, and it takes away a lot of my time from the company."

Thomson signed onto the reality show three years ago, and said that her third year felt like "the end."

"My third year I kind of figured out where I was with the women," she shared. "There was a beginning, middle and end for everything, and for me, that was the end."

"The opportunity, the experience -- it was all amazing while it lasted," she added. "But, again ... the third time was the charm for me."

Thomson has no regrets about her time on the show, sharing that it's made her "wiser."

"They don't match you with normal people you'd gravitate toward -- that's the genius of the casting," she revealed. "They put you in a situation of people you wouldn't normally be with ... that is interesting to see you react and interact with someone you wouldn't normally hang out with. ... Ramona [Singer] is not someone that I think if we met socially, either of us would gravitate towards one another ... we overcame our differences."

That being said, Thomson also commented that she's keeping the "door open" for Bravo in terms of making any future cameos or appearances.

Thomson also shared her thoughts on Kristen and Josh Taekman's Ashley Madison scandal.

"What Josh has said is it was a silly thing to do, and he's so regretful he hurt his family," she said. "They're not getting divorced over it -- let's put it that way. Their marriage is totally going to survive because Kristen knows her husband and believes him to. When you're a cheater -- he's just never been that guy. Josh has always been a really stand-up guy. ... Josh is a good guy."

Photo Credit: Bravo