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Heather Thomson Defends Kristen Taekman’s Husband; Says Josh Is ‘Completely Innocent’ In Ashley Madison Scandal!

Real Housewives of New York City stat Heather Thomson defends Kristen Taekman's marriage following the Ashley Madison scandal, Thomson, who has been friends to both Josh and his wife, Kristen Taekman, think there’s a shot in hell he would cheat.

“The Ashley Madison thing is unfortunate because Josh is completely innocent,” Thomson, who has known Josh for over 15 years tells Us Weekly. “If you knew Josh the way I know him, you’d be completely like, ‘Of course he would sign up for that with this buddies!’ That’s a total Josh thing to do! He has a very fraternity side to him that I love.”

“Kristen is a trooper and taking it like a trooper,” the Yummie Tummie owner adds founder adds of her co-star. “Josh took it like a trooper [too] for the first season of the show when he was made out to look like such a douche when he’s not.”

As fans are well aware, Kristen has been vocal about how she feels invalidated by her husband. But, according to Thomson, their marriage isn’t on the rocks.

“They’re going to be fine. They are my friends for life. I count them among my dearest friends. There is nothing but love there,” she adds.

Last month, Josh's information was leaked in the massive data breach by hackers, who released millions of subscribers' emails, rendezvous locations, and more. According to the Daily Mail, Josh signed up for the cheating website back in June 2011, and made a whopping 62 paid transactions under the alleged moniker of "Mr_Big_NYC." The user, whose credit card matched the address of Taekman's Tribeca apartment, wrote that he was looking for "a beautiful sexy woman" in search for "discreet experiences, reports US Weekly.

Josh Taekman initially denied knowledge or involvement with Ashley Madison when the hack data was released, but then came forward admitting it was true. Josh released a statement addressing his Ashley Madison account:

"I signed up for the site foolishly and ignorantly with a group of friends and I deeply apologize for any embarrassment or pain I have brought to my wife and family. We both look forward to moving past this and getting on with our lives."

Photo Credit: Bravo