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Gina Liano And Gabi Grecko Face Off In ‘The Celebrity Apprentice Australia’ Boardroom!

This past Wednesday, The Celebrity Apprentice Australia premiered on Channel 9 and right off the start, fireworks exploded. The fourth season of the reality series, which includes Gina Liano from The Real Housewives of Melbourne left quiet an interesting impression.

The celebrities are competing to win $100K for their charity, right off the bat, the group was divided in two teams: Girls vs Boys!

The teams then had to pick their team leader for the week and on the woman's team, they decided to pick none other than the glamorous barrister herself, Gina Liano.

The two groups then had to get together to pick out a name for their team, while everyone was brainstorming to pick a unique name, Gina suggested the team should be called Fearless, which her teammates loved and agreed. #TeamFearless.

The other members of #TeamFearless includes actress Esther Anderson, radio DJ Mel Greig, Miss Universe Australia Tegan Martin, tabloid sensation and Geoffrey Edelsten's wife Gabi Grecki, and singer, and actress Sophie Monk.

Most of Gina's teammates revealed that they were intimidated by her strong presence.

The name of the team happens to be the same name of Gina's autobiography book, which her team had no idea about, Bravo Gina! The boys on the other hand decided to go with #TheDreamTeam.

During the first challenge, the teams were asked to sell items, the boss Mark Bouris execute orders in the boardroom, giving the male and female teams the task of selling as many items as they could before 5pm - including a kitchen sink, garden gnomes, loo roll and massages and so on.

However Team Fearless faced a hiccup within the first 20 minutes of the premiere episode. Gabi, 26, had an emotional break down when she discovered copies of her husband's autobiography were also part of the selling merchandise. (Side note, her hubby is also competing in the opposite team).

Gabi was put in a testing position after learning that she would have to sell copies of her husband's book. The autobiography shares details the 72-year-old's love life, from the moment he lost his virginity to his threesomes, including details about his ex-wife.

Grecko ended up calling out her hubby, shredding the pages of his autobiography, and even throwing her wedding ring on the ground.

“I freaked out, we're now separated.” explained Grecko during her interview: “I hated it because it starts with him losing his virginity, and it has threesomes... I hate that book”

And at first it seemed Gina Liano and Gabi Grecko were on their way to becoming fast friends on the Celebrity Apprentice, bonding over the their breast.

Earlier the Ms. Edelsten described Gina as her stiffest competition on the show. “My biggest competition could be Gina - any woman who lives in heels is competition to me...” Gina was less complimentary in her assessment of Grecko, telling the camera: “I don't know anything about Gabi apart from seeing her backside in the paper but she made no decisions at all.”

After revealing that the men's team won the first task. Gina and Gabi came to blows in the boardroom after working together trying to sell copies of Gabi's husband's autobiography.

Gabi broke down over the task, finding herself in floods of tears after learning their task was to sell copies of the book which details her husband, Geoffrey Edelsten's, sex life.

Unsympathetic to her emotions, Gina revealed: “Gabi was the weakest, she waited to be spoon fed effectively, she made no decisions.” The rest of the women's team stood behind Gina's assessment and agreed with her, gagging up on Gabi.

Defending herself, the flame-haired 26-year-old labeled the reality TV starlet 'manipulative'.

“She's very manipulative, she was there with her manicured nails and never gave me a chance to sell anything. She never gave me any direction,” she said.

Boss man, Mark Bouris chastised Gina for complaining about her teammate, telling her: “You're strategically very, very good but you've pushed her [Gabi] under the bus because it's an easy push.” The 26-year-old however failed to impress and was the first victim of the boardroom.

“I like the way you stood up to some formidable women but this is about the team and team work creates the most sells, Gabi you sold the least...You're fired.”

Departing the show, Gabi mused: “It's going to get ugly in there,” a tearful Gabi says in a taxi home, adding, “I hope Geoff wins, he deserves to, he has years of experience.'”

I must say I would have loved seeing more of Gabi, was she extra emotional? Yes! Was it good TV? Absolutely, this is the reason why we love watching these types of shows. I think Gabi handeled that boardroom well, as for Gina... she did fantastic. You can't take things personal in a competition, at the end of the day, it's all for a good cause: for charity!

What I find interesting is that Gabi has become friends with Gamble Breaux, Gina's Real Housewives of Melbourne co-star. The two have been seen out and about these past few weeks, uploading photos on their social media pages. Gamble became Gina's bestie and ally during Season 2, so this should be very interesting, I hope they don't have a fall out on the new season of the Foxtel hit reality series.

The Celebrity Apprentice Australia airs Wednesday nights at 8:40pm on Channel 9!

Souce/Photo Credit: The Daily Mail