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Ampika Pickston's Ex-Husband's Firm Fined £100,000 Over Loan Scam!

According to a new report, A company directed by Ampika Pickston's ex-husband, Mark Pickston's firm, PhonepayPlus was fined £100,000 ($155,180.00 in USD) for running a loans scam on premium rate phone numbers.

The regulator PhonepayPlus received 119 complaints about Cash Finance Direct Holdings Ltd of which Pickston has been a director since 2000 and is the majority shareholder. Its text messages tempted people to call 0906 lines costing £1.53 a minute ($2.37 in USD), reports The Mirror.

It's been reported that customers complained they had been given the false impression they had been approved for a loan. The company is in liquidation with a deficit of £1million – coincidentally, that’s roughly the amount that it made from the premium rate calls, according to PhonepayPlus.

According to the site, in 2010, Mark Pickston traded as Horizon Finance the company was fined £50,000 after customers were misled into thinking they had secured a loan.

At the time, Horizon Finance was the trading name of Cash Finance Direct Ltd and, just like Cash Finance Direct Holdings Ltd, it too has been put into liquidation.

As shown on this season on the Real Housewives of Cheshire, Ampika and Mark are no longer together, he is currently dating an unidentified woman.

The site reached out to Ampika for comment, read Ampika's statement below:

“To be honest we are no longer together and we have been officially divorced for quite a few years, so it’s not something I would want to comment on as we do not have any finances or business interests between the two of us.”

Photo Credit: ITVBe