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Vicki Gunvalson: I Was Shocked When Meghan Called Me A Hypocrite

Vicki Gunvalson is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Vicki shares her thoughts on being called a hypocrite and dishes on the "girl code" argument...Vicki writes:

"Monday's episode were our last few days in Mo'orea. It was absolutely the best trip we have taken in 10 years of filming. I enjoyed getting away as it had only been four weeks since my mother died, so the timing was good to try and reflect on my life, my future, and what's truly important. I wrote a lot in my journal and had a lot of quiet time to figure out my "new normal" without my mom. It's been six months, and although the tears are not as frequent, my heart is very heavy with sadness.

There were many moments when I felt that taking a trip with these five ladies was just a recipe for conflict, and I was right as this was seen a little bit again on this trip. It's too bad that it has to be like this, but at least we have learned our lessons by past trips not to keep anything held in. It has also taught me that you don't have to share everything you are thinking of one another with someone, because inevitably it will get back to them.

It was nice talking with Shannon on the beach, and I am thankful that Shannon trusted me with the information on David. I've been a good friend to her, and I have also encouraged and supported her decision to forgive him and stay married. I want the very best for Shannon and feel we have formed a nice friendship. For those of you that are divorced, you know the trickle effects of that decision to divorce are huge. They have had a lot to deal with by making the decision to share David's affair with all of you. They not only have to deal with the hurt that each of them are going through, but then also to have to film it and then relive it months later when it airs is admirable. I am proud of David and Shannon and wish them a lifetime of happiness and love and pray for both of them to continue to be strong.

Regarding the opinion of Shannon saying Heather broke "girl code", I don't know if I truly agree. I know it's difficult when there is a divorce and remarriage with friends. It's a tough situation when there is a divorce and one of them remarries, their friends will have a choice whether or not to accept their new partner. This is the case with Heather, as she was friends with Jim's ex-wife, Allison and now is friends with Meghan too. It puts her in a situation where instead of taking "sides" she has just accepted it.

I was shocked when Meghan called me a "hypocrite" (I hate that word!!) when I told them about my thoughts on buying Briana and her family a new SUV car. There is a HUGE difference here that I don't think Meghan is aware of. First of all, my daughter is 28, has her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, works as an ER Nurse with two little babies, is self sufficient and she and Ryan own their own home. If I decide to purchase a bigger car for their family it's my choice and my decision. I know Briana will have a tough time accepting it since she is very prideful. Briana is an extremely hard worker because I instilled that work ethic in my children in a very young age. I don't believe we as parents are doing our kids any justice by handing them everything and allowing them not to finish school.

We were discussing Hayley, who doesn't work, doesn't go to traditional school, doesn't do her independent study homework, and is not accountable for herself. How Meghan can say I'm a HYPOCRITE is so wrong and quite frankly immature. She obviously doesn't know the difference between working hard, being educated, and handing everything to someone.

Stay tuned for next week's episode when things start to get a little bumpy."

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