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Ramona Singer Opens Up About Her Memoir “Life On The Ramona Coaster” — Talks Domestic Abuse And Divorce!

Ramona Singer recently released her new book Life on the Ramona Coaster! In her newly released memoir, the Real Housewives of New York City star gets candid about tough topics—including childhood domestic abuse as as well as her divorce from Mario Singer.

In a new interview, Singer opened up why she decided to write her book. "You know what? I'm Ramona," she told E! News. "I talk about everything. I'm unedited."

Writing Life on the Ramona Coaster "was a great release for me," she explained. "I think the book is inspirational to other women because we all go through horrible experiences, and you learn from them. But the book will make you laugh also, and cry! It's definitely a Ramotional experience..."

So why is she releasing the tell-all now? "It was just the right time," she added. "I finally made the decision to end the marriage, and I wanted to write a book about who I am."

"People always come up to me and say, 'Ramona, I know you so well! Ramona, you're my favorite. Ramona,you're this and you're that,'" she said. "But you know what? The show only shows a small fragment of who I really am and doesn't really go into the layers, so I wanted to audience to really know who I am [and] the way I grew up..."

Life on the Ramona Coaster is available on Amazon and iTunes

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo, E! News