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New Details On Kim Richards' Recent Shoplifting Arrest Revealed!

As we reported, Kim Richards was arrested on Sunday for shoplifting at Target. According to police, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star stole upwards of $600 worth of merchandise at a Target near Van Nuys, California.

She ended up spending one night in jail before being released on $5,000 bail. t is unclear if she was under the influence at the time.

While Kim has talked openly about her struggles with sobriety in the past, those close to her are also painting a picture of an actress struggling to maintain a stable environment.

"There are people in the family who wish she had stayed in rehab longer," a source revealed to E! News. "They weren't happy she chose to leave early."

Back in early July, it was confirmed that the former Bravo star was out of rehab and 38 days sober. However, sources claim that several people in Kim's inner circle have been worried about her sobriety lately.

"Stealing is just so out of character for her under normal circumstances," another insider shared with E! News.

One source shared that the-mother-of-four is not talking to her sisters and many friends. In fact, she has nowhere to live and is doing a "jumping house" thing until she finds a stable residency.

As for reports that Kim is living in her car, another insider shared that she doesn't own a car and relies heavily on Uber, a transportation service popular in the Los Angeles area.

However, another report is claiming that Kim's inner circle is considering putting her under involuntary psychiatric hold in the aftermath of her night spent in jail, reports Radar Online.

"The family believes that Kim has three options," the source revealed. "1. She goes back to rehab. 2. She's put on a 5150 hold. 3. She could end up hospitalized from alcohol poisoning or pill overdose."

The whole situation is sad and we wish Kim well and hope she seeks whatever help she needs.

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Photo Credit: CBS