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Luann de Lesseps Dishes On Sonja Morgan's Fashion Show: “I Loved Every Piece”

Countess Luann de Lesseps is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Luann offers her take on Sonja's fashion show and praises her for her hard work and weighs in on Dorinda and Ramona's conversation about relationships. Luann writes:

"Who knew that it’s easier to bring an urn of human remains into this country than a Clarins hand lotion? I’m happy that Carole was able to retrieve her late husband’s urn and glad that she found a permanent resting place for him in her home. As for Carole’s take on Ramona’s reentry into the dating scene, I think it can be difficult to transition from a long-term marriage to single life, but Ramona’s positive attitude will eventually help her find love again.

I don’t understand why Sonja brought Heather and Bethenny into her model casting session for her upcoming runway show. Sonja knows her collection and the look she needs to showcase her clothing so when she rejected a model for being too “Versace,” I’m sure it’s nothing the model hasn’t heard before. You have to have a tough skin to model, and when I was in the business, I learned that what one client wants another one doesn’t…c’est la vie! Were Sonja’s comments tactful…? No, she should have waited until the girl was out of earshot.

We get more insight into Dorinda’s relationship with John when she met Ramona for a drink to recap her London trip. John was so worried when he didn’t hear from Dorinda during the London trip that he called hotel security to see if she was OK. I find it totally insecure on John’s part, yet it is kind of sweet that he cares enough about her to go to such lengths. I also think Dorinda was very honest when she said that she loves being part of a couple, and I do not doubt that she loves John. Ramona shares that she is excited for this new chapter in her life without Mario and is longing for complete closure so that she can dive in to her new life without reservations. I understand how she feels when she said she’s tired of taking care of everybody and everything for her family. Avery is grown and Mario is a big boy who can take care of himself. Good for Ramona for not wanting to check out on life.

I was happy that Kristen’s Pop of Color nail polishes were a part of the Elie Tahari show. She’s successfully brought her brand from conception to reality, and the colors looked fabulous on the models. Kristen should be proud of herself, and I wish her all best with her brand.

Was that Anna Wintour or Sonja Morgan behind the scenes at the Sonja Morgan New York show? She even had on the right glasses! Sonja tried to look cool, but I know inside she was a bundle of nerves. We were all pulling for her, and I was glad to see that she actually had clothing for her models. As for Sonja’s collection, we all loved it. It was a reflection of her taste and jet-set experiences, and I loved every piece. She has excellent taste, and the collection brought to mind Ivana Trump glamour. Always a great host, Sonja made sure that we had drinks to make the wait for the second look more enjoyable, and I just want to say, “Bravo, Sonja!”

Make sure to tune into the season finale next week! Until then, be cool."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo