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Lizzie Rovsek Talks About Taking A Pregnancy Test And Whopping It Up In Tahiti!

Lizzie Rovsek is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Lizzie opens up about her potential pregnancy and about whopping it up on Mo'orea. Lizzie writes:

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The Tahiti trip continues...

I finally received my luggage and it felt so good to put fresh clothes on after two days. I had somewhat of an emotional day, which you didn't see. I was feeling very off at dinner. I didn't know if I was pregnant, I was feeling overly sensitive and spent most of the dinner fairly quiet. When Vicki told everyone she found some pregnancy tests I felt torn about taking them. I wanted to take the test because I wanted to know if I was pregnant or not. Before I left California it was too soon to tell. It had now been two days later and probably a pretty good time to test. I would have been fine taking the test with just Vicki and Shannon, but I love being with everyone and I didn't think it was any kind of big secret. Why not make it a family affair? I was happy to have the support of my friends. I didn't realize that Heather thought it was so tacky of me to take a pregnancy test in Tahiti. Gee, I'm sorry I wasted three minutes of her trip.

How funny was Vicki banging on the door while I was trying to pee? Seriously, major stage fright! The results were finally in, and I was NOT pregnant. I have to be honest I was a little relieved with the negative result. I would have been ecstatic to be pregnant, but we just started trying and I had not mentally prepared myself yet for having baby number three. Although, I don't think that there is ever really the right time. Before I left for the trip Christian had insinuated to me, that he really wasn't ready for baby number three and I started feeling uneasy about it all. Something was definitely going on in my body though because I continued to test when I got home from our trip and I ended up being over three weeks late! Regardless, I'm in Mo'orea, Vicki's driving the Fun Bus and since I'm not pregnant guess who's going to Whoop it up? You got it, it's time to relax and have some fun!

I have to say it was really cool to swim with sharks and stingrays. The water in Mo'orea was crystal clear and so gorgeous. I think it would have been scary if the water was darker and you couldn't see the sharks swimming around you. The water was like a pool and it was amazing how those stingrays just came right up to us and almost hugged us.  Shannon and Vicki just crack me. Those two are so funny. It's a wonder how we all didn't get eaten alive with those two screaming and carrying on. They make me laugh.

Later that night, it was basically like my first night on vacation. My heart was at ease; I wasn't pregnant and ready to have some fun with the girls. I was bummed when I found out that Shannon, Vicki and Tamra weren't going to make it out. Heather and Meghan are great, but I wanted to have some fun with the whole group. If I knew the other girls were taking fireball shots and whooping it up, I would have loved to be with them. Nevertheless, Heather, Meghan and I had a nice mellow evening in a beautiful location drinking nice champagne. It's hard to complain about that.

As a mother, I have to agree with Tamra and Vicki. I can't understand why Meghan was so emotional about her stepchildren not being her own children? They have a mother. If Christian remarried and another woman was the stepmother of my children and I heard her wish my kids were her biological children, I would be appalled. I understand Meghan doesn't have children yet, and that's fine. She's young. A lot of women don't have children at age 30. She has plenty of time to procreate and I have no doubt that she'll be a great mom. However, her step kids have a mother and I would think that an important role of a stepmother would be to make sure the kids have a healthy relationship with their own biological mother. No one can take the place of someone's true mother. It would be a nightmare for some woman to pretend like my little boys were theirs. I can't imagine her actually meaning what she is saying. I think what she meant to say is that she loves those kids just as much as if they were her own.

When we got back to the hotel, Vicki, Shannon, and Tamra were hilarious. Those three were having way too much fun!  It ended up being a really fun night who would have thought we would come home to that?!

Have a great week!! Our trip to Mo'orea continues next week!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo