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Kristen Taekman Is Glad Bethenny Frankel Called Ramona Singer Out For ‘Being Insensitive, Rude, And Obnoxious’

Kristen Taekman is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Kristen talks about Sonja's fashion show and why she's glad Bethenny called out Ramona. Kristen writes:

"Sonja's Model Casting

I really do not understand why whenever someone is invited to anything with Sonja, they have no idea what they are in for. I would have to agree with Bethenny that a model casting was a waste of her time. Heather was a perfect fit for that since she does model castings all the time. But I must say, how on earth can you do a model casting without seeing the clothing? Hmmmm. Maybe I'm missing something. Then, on top of it all, arguing in front of the models is so tacky. Sonja, I know that you have been “modeling for years,” but so have I...still do... not ever once have I been in a casting were the client argued back and forth. I have to say, I don’t think I would want to be hired for that job. Thanks but no thanks. Also, a client would not ever, ever talk about you like that in front of you, not like that. It's always left with "I will call your agent." Come on, Sonja, that's just messy.

Heather seems to be asking some simple questions in this meeting and still no answers. Even Bethenny was getting ready to bang her head up against the wall. We all wish Sonja well! It's just very, very confusing!

Pop of Color at the Elie Tahari Show

Pattie Yankee is a celebrity manicurist that works with Ricky's and has been consulting on Pop of Color. Pattie also does nails during Fashion Week and has a ton of clients. She felt that Elie Tahari was a great fit for Pop of Color. I was honored and thrilled to be part of such a huge show! I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to launch Pop of Color! A lot of the designers are moving away from traditional fashion shows and opting for fashion presentations. I really like this format, because you get to really take your time and look at the collection and mingle. It has more of a cocktail party feel with a much more relaxed vibe.

I'm so happy and grateful to Carole and Heather for all of their support. This is truly a huge thing for me of which I am very passionate about, and I am thrilled to have my own business. For many, many years, I was a full-time mommy, so it's nice as the kids get older and are in school more to have my own thing.

Sonja's fashion show is finally here. I remember walking in and seeing that she was very stressed out. She had a group of interns around her that she was “teaching." She had no makeup on yet. I don't know if I have ever seen Sonja that freaked out! The show starts and we are all blown away. The clothes were beautiful, elegant, very Sonja. We are all thrilled. I do have to say that the intermission was a bit long! But other than that, we were all pleasantly surprised and thrilled for Sonja's collection!

Wow. Bethenny calls out Ramona again for her sh-- --good! Ramona has been gliding along for some time now and needs to be called out on it. She is so insensitive, rude, and obnoxious."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo