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Kristen Taekman Explains ‘Toaster Oven’ Comment; Calls Out Sonja Morgan And Bethenny Frankel!

Kristen Taekman is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Kristen explains what Sonja got wrong about the toaster oven comments. Kristen writes:

"Sonja and Ramona recapping Sonja's show was funny. I love how Ramona thinks that Bethenny is trying to pick a fight with her. Ramona, wake up! You told someone that Bethenny cheated on her first husband. HELLO. That is not something for someone to just sweep under the carpet! No, absolutely not. Ramona has been saying that she has changed and she is a work in progress for years, but really, how has Ramona changed? It's the same old, same old with a quick apology after again and again. It's been all about Ramona all the time for as long as she can remember. All I can say is good luck finding another man who will deal with that!

I would like to point out that Sonja has been quoted saying “any press is good press.” Interesting...

Bethenny's new house is beautiful, and it's nice to see that she is finally settled. It all seems like a beautiful déjà vu. I really don’t understand why Carole is getting all of this flack for Adam being so young. He is 30! Sonja dated a 23-year-old last year! So many weird double standards. Carole is genuinely happy. Of course, the other girls have to try and ruin it.

Dorinda and John at lunch was interesting to see. I have yet to figure these two out! The lunch starts off romantic--John is professing his love to her--but then some twisted words are said and they are at each other's throats! They have only been together a few years and and they fight like this? I am sure they love each other, but come on... it's very painful to watch. Do I dare say that maybe they aren’t right for each other? Josh and I bicker and argue, but it's over silly household issues or small things with our children. We have also been together for 13 plus years. At the three-year mark, we were not at each other's throats, that's for sure. Maybe they find the roller coaster exciting?

Ramona looks stunning at her "New Beginnings" party. She looks fit, vibrant, and happy! It looks like this may be her coming out party! OK, here we go--this is what REALLY happened. At Sonja's fashion show, like all of her events, you rarely have any idea what you are there for until you arrive nine times out of 10. You enter from the street, rain, snow, or shine and step onto a red carpet! I stepped in and had flash bulbs in my face. I had to ask them all for a minute to fix my wind-blown hair and take off my coat. Once that was done, I went in for photos and then went through a whole line of interviews. P.S.: Remember that I had just left my Pop of Color Elie Tahari show. I had polish on the brain and in my purse! I was getting asked all of these questions, of course, about Bethenny and about the show in general and about Sonja's line. I commented nicely that I hadn’t seen the line yet (no one had at that point) but that, regardless, I was excited for her! This one reporter from the New York Post hooked me in by saying that it looked like I had a great Fashion Week (he had been following my social media). I was thrilled, because it was the NY Post... hello, I get it delivered and read it religiously! I, of course, was quick to bring up Pop of Color and the Elie Tahari show and how big of a deal that was for me. It tied in perfectly with Fashion Week. I had a bottle in my purse and held it up for a photo. Was this wrong of me to promote my new project when asked about it? Isn’t that what you are supposed to do? Do I have any control over what this man writes or what he chooses to put in or take away? NO. The last question was, "Do you think that Sonja will ever come out with her toaster oven?" My comment “in quotes” was that I wish she would come out with that darn toaster oven since I use mine everyday and love toaster ovens! Since when is Sonja Morgan's toaster oven such a huge taboo subject? Did I miss something? Send out a press release if you're that sensitive about the topic. But wait, hmmm, Sonja talked about this toaster oven in seasons past. Heather helped her come up with marketing campaign, she went on WWHL and talked about it and how you could toast kale. But now she has a clothing line and we aren’t suppose to comment on the toaster over? Is toaster oven Housewives code for something else? What is happening, and why is no one filling me in?! Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on! I don’t think I have ever been so mad in my life as I was at Ramona's party, and I really mean that. There is nothing worse then being accused of something horrible. I left that night and didn’t say goodbye; I was furious and still am. I love how Bethenny is so quick to give her two cents but refuses to say anything to me when I ask her face to face. Why so dismissive of me again and again? Whatever, see you on the reunion couch."

What do you think about Kristen’s blog? 

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c only on Bravo 

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo