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Heather Thomson On #RHONY Season 7 Reunion: “You Never Quite Know What To Expect, Especially With This Group”

Heather Thomson is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City reunion. Heather reveals which of the ladies she hung out with the night before the reunion. Heather writes:

"I can’t believe we’re back on the couch! Each reunion brings its own shock waves, tears, and hopefully laughs, but you never quite know what to expect, especially with this group! But, getting ready for the reunion is always fun…

Radzi and I usually sleep at the hotel the night before, have dinner, and hang out, and this year Kristen joined us, so we all got to spend time together beforehand. I love my girls. We've shared so much, and all the crazy only brings us closer...but Kristen kept her couch look secret until she walked into my hotel room with all that hair! I love her dare-to-be-different fashion attitude, and this year, it's about the hair. Bethenny also brought surprise new hair! I loved it! Her new haircut is everything! Bethenny cut hers and Kristen grew hers! And Radzi stayed consistently beautiful. I liked our side of the couch!

And since I’m often asked about my style throughout the season, I decided to share the details on prepping this reunion look with you! I’m wearing a beautiful dress by Valentina Kova. I love to support new up-and-coming designers, and Valentina has arrived! I often wear Valentina Kova designs. There is a timeless sensibility in her pieces--all beautifully draped and cut in the finest fabrics, but they are also fierce and strong at the same time, and I love that about her work. I wore a shorter, sassy, sexy version of this dress in bright yellow in Turks and Chaos at the dinner when Dorinda got mad at me for not waiting for her to walk into the restaurant...and I've decided, that's it! She wanted to walk in with that dress! Lol! But, for the reunion look we chose long and glamorous emerald green! And paired it with my favorite yummie plunge bra for an edge and my yummie skirt slip for a smooth line. My bras are so soft and comfortable--they’re really an everyday essential for me. I even sleep in them, and as you saw in Turks, Luann apparently does, too! We finished the look with a simple silver python strappy sandal from one of my favorite shoe designers, Alexandre Birman. And thanks for my legs, Will! My hard work and sweaty sessions at Willspace always keep me #tightandright and staying healthy. Well, that's as simply chic as it gets! I felt fierce and ready for battle in my look--confident and yummie all over! Which is key, because filming the reunion is a long day!

I'm a fashion girl to the core, and I love high glam, but I don't think it has to hurt! And I don't like myself too made up. I've learned less is more for me, mostly-- but the reunion is a glamorous event, and the designers work so hard to make our set beautiful, you've got to bring your best! The challenge is always to create something more glam than usual, but to still be as me as I can be. So on to the glam and bling! First, we lightened my hair to make my blonde pop against the beautiful emerald green fabric, lightening the ends to almost bleach blonde. And for fresh clean makeup with an edge, I leaned on my go-to stylist Wei Lang, who I've known, loved, and have been blessed to work with for many years. And with her bright lip, Wei finished me off! I have to thank my whole glam team. They are warm, talented, amazing people, and I love each of them very much. I'm so lucky to have had their talent and support to lean on through the ups and downs of our seasons.

And finally, for the last touches, we bring in the bling! There was no question that I wanted to be on #JewelryDuty with Sharp for this look. So my friend Emanuel Sharp (Manny) of Sharp Jewels bedazzled me in some amazing pieces from his fine jewelry collection. You might remember Manny was on the show with me this season--he hosted us at his fab apartment to decorate and personalize yummie jeans to auction for Smile Train. He also generously gifted Smile Train with a meaningful piece to auction off at Kristen’s event to benefit the great work they do.

And I'm keepin' my cool no matter how uncool things get! So keep watching--things are about to heat up more! And not just the ladies’ looks! There's more shockers, more differences of opinions, and some things, well, that aren't so surprising...

See you next week!


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The Real Housewives of New York City airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c only on Bravo

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo