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VIDEO: Jackie Gillies, Chyka Keebaugh And Janet Roach Dish On Their RHOMelbourne Co-Stars!

In a recent interview with OK! Magazine, Jackie Gillies, Chyka Keebaugh and Janet Roach dished on the drama that went down this season on The Real Housewives of Melbourne. The ladies also talked about their co-stars, feuds, plastic surgery and more. Check it out below!

Read full transcript - courtesy of OK! Magazine

OK!: What do you think about Gamble Breaux?

Janet: I started off on the wrong foot with Gamble. But now we’re at a stage where we filmed a lot of this 6 months ago, and during that period of time and during the promos, Gamble and I are probably the two that like to drink the most out of the group.

OK!: Why do Pettifleur Berenger and Gamble keep talking about each other’s finances?

Chyka: I was really mortified when Pettifleur started going on about Gamble and whether or not she had her own money. It’s actually not a very Australian thing to talk about. We don’t talk about money, and the fact that she kept asking that question and doubting where Gamble’s getting her money, we don’t care!

OK!: What is your opinion on Pettiefleur?

Jackie: I think she’s probably not coming across too good on camera. But off camera she’s pretty sweet and she’s actually quite humble. Maybe she came into this season, she feels like she has to prove something. Maybe it comes from her ethnic background. Maybe she’s always felt like she’s had to do that her whole life. So maybe that’s her way of maybe not really defining herself, but maybe it’s her way of trying to feel like she’s part of the group.

Janet: I have an issue with Pettifleur. I find that off camera, when I have tried to get close to her, she just continually tells me about ‘Didn’t I look great in that outfit? Wasn’t that a great necklace?’ After about 10 minutes, I just start to glaze over.

OK!: What do you guys think about Gina Liano?

Janet: I think Gina’s irrelevant. I haven’t gotten anything to say about it.

Chyka: Gina’s her own person. She does her own thing. She lives by her own rules, and that’s it.

OK!: There are bad rumors going around on the show about Gamble. What are those rumors?

Janet: She was a hooker, and hooker and a stripper, and had sex parties. It sounds to me like she is having a damn fine time.

OK!: What are your thoughts on Lydia Schiavello?

Janet: Lydia was the one who told me about the sex parties. Lydiot allowed me to get smashed for the whole season when all she had to say is, “I was actually the one that told her.”

OK!: Chyka, how you and your husband make time for each other when you guys are running three businesses together?

Chyka: He’s involved in everything. He knows every decision that we make. When there’s a problem, he knows about it. He’s become friends with the girls and their partners. So I feel blessed and very supported.

OK!: How have you guys avoided the housewives marriage curse?

Chyka: Suddenly one person goes from being maybe not the one that’s noticed all the time to being frontal. But as long as he and I are strong, and with my kids too, that’s very important. WE talk about everything, so there’s no secrets.”

OK!: Jackie, what’s the hardest part about being married to a musician?

Jackie: Where I’m very blessed is that Ben’s been in the public eye since the age of 13-14. Traveling the world with some of the biggest bands in America and the world, so he actually said to me, ‘If you do this, I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen.’ He gave me the pros. He gave me the cons. So it was very much like I had that support.”

OK!: Who is your favorite housewife and why?

Jackie: I think we both really like Yolanda. She’s gone on a very deep spiritual path and she remembers where she’s come from. It’s not just about her being sick. You can actually see the authenticity within her.

Janet: I had never watched it before I was asked. We had to watch an episode before we signed our contract. So I went home that night and Atlanta was on and the girls had a huge big fight around the swimming pool in these sequin dresses and they are all pulling each other’s wigs off and I rang them and I said, ‘No, no! I could never!’

OK!: Why are you guys so open about plastic surgery?

Jackie: I don’t think there is anything to hide!

Chyka: No. I think if you want to do something, do it and do it with pride!

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Photo Credit: Getty Images