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Shannon And David Beador Open Up About Couples Therapy!

In the new season of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon Beador shocked fans and she and her husband David attended a couples retreat to get their marriage back in track after revealing that her husband David had an affair.

Now, in a new interview, the couple opened up about how they are currently working with therapists and counselors to restore their broken marriage.

“We are not at a traditional therapist, but we work with a woman who runs something called ‘Couples Retreat,'” Shannon told Radar Online. “They have an over 90 percent success rate with repairing marriages.”

While we're barley seeing them work on their marriage on the Bravo hit series, according to the Beadors, the real healing is happening off-camera.

“We have more mentors, I like to call them than counselors. The mentors hold us accountable,” David told Radar Online.

“My mentor is in the Army and he holds me accountable, but it is another man and I am able to speak man to man,” he added. “With Shannon, she has a woman and she is able to speak woman to woman. I think that is important.”

Photo Credit: Bravo