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Must See: Real Housewives Of Melbourne Stars Jackie Gillies, Chyka Keebaugh And Janet Roach Play “Housewives” Word Association! - See Their Shady Answers HERE!

A few weeks ago, Real Housewives of Melbourne stars Jackie Gillies, Chyka Keebaugh, and Janet Roach sat down with BuzzFeed to play a game of Housewives word association, and let me tell you, they didn’t hold back at all when it came to making shady judgments about their fellow Bravolebrities. It's shady, but hilarious. Check it out below!

Gina Liano

Chyka: “Interesting.”
Janet: “Irrelevant.”
Jackie: “Lies.”

Lydia Schiavello

Chyka: “No filter.”
Janet: “Vacant.”
Jackie: “OK sometimes.”

Chyka: “OK, common theme!”

Gamble Breaux

Chyka: “Flirty.”
Janet: “Skanky.”
Jackie: “Budalla.”

Jackie: “In my language, ‘budalla’ — which is Croatian — means ‘cray cray.’”
Janet: “Ah! I should’ve done ‘mashugana!’”
Chyka: “Does everyone know what ‘skanky’ means?”
Janet: “I’m gonna get in trouble, writing all these mean things about them.”

Pettifleur Berenger

Chyka: “Confident.”
Janet: “Did I tell you how good I looked?”
Jackie: “Out there”

Jackie: “I wanna say ‘out there,’ just with her clothing — which I don’t judge. I think it’s fabulous! But ‘out there’ as in, she’s got the confidence to just pull it off, you know?”
Chyka: “She owns it, she rocks it.”

Janet Roach

Chyka: “Naughty, but nice.”
Janet: “Amazing.”
Jackie: “Love bubby.”

Janet: “Love bubby?”
Jackie: “Bubbly! Oh… I forgot the L.”
Chyka: “What did you write for yourself? Amazing?”
Janet: “What else am I gonna write?”

Jackie Gillies

Chyka: “Honest.”
Janet: “Hates lies + shines.”
Jackie: “#ShineShineShine.”

Jackie: “That’s a heart! But then I added eyes and a smiley face and thought, ‘They look like titties.’” 
Janet: “Yes, they do!”

Chyka Keebaugh

Chyka: “Love her!”
Janet: “Clever and creative.”
Jackie: “Mother hen, love.”

Andrea Moss

Chyka: “Oppinionated.” 
Janet: “Mandrea.”
Jackie: “Sad.”

Chyka: “I think I may have spelled that wrong, actually. Does opinionated got one P or two P’s?”

Bethenny Frankel

Chyka: “Loud!” 
Janet: “Small + mean diva.”
Jackie: “Lost her mojo.”

Chyka: “Small and mean diva? Oh!”
Janet: “I must have a horrible mind.”

Teresa Giudice

Chyka: “Bad girl.”
Janet: “Sorry for her. Had to leave her kids.” 
Jackie: “Loud wog like me.”

Vicki Gunvalson

Chyka: “?”
Janet: “Jabba the Hutt.” 
Jackie: “Screams, ‘Woohoo!’”

Janet: “She just reminds me of Jabba the Hutt.”
Chyka: “She’s [Janet] naughty.”

Ramona Singer

Chyka: “Crazy.”
Janet: “Pinot/single.” 
Jackie: “Crazy cat, meow!”

Sonja Morgan

Chyka: “What the!”
Janet: “On drugs.”
Jackie: “So funny — sex.”

Chyka: “I think she’s just out there.” 
Janet: “I think she’s having sex with those interns. What are they learning?” 
Chyka: “How to have sex with her?”
Jackie: “Who cares? At least she’s having fun and she’s single. She’s not hurting anyone.”
Janet: “Does she have more fun than me?”

NeNe Leakes

Chyka: “A sassy girl!”
Janet: “Blonde on black.”
Jackie: “Love, fierce like me.”

Jackie: “Did you write ‘blonde on black?!’”
Chyka: “What does that mean?”
Janet: “She’s got that blonde hair on a black person … aren’t you allowed to say that?” 
Chyka: “Anyway.”

Lisa Vanderpump

Chyka: “Manipulative.”
Janet: “Loves herself.”
Jackie: “Tricky.”

Janet [to Chyka]: “Yeah.”
Jackie: “I’m psychic, darling.”

Countess Luann de Lesseps

Chyka: “Can’t sing!”
Janet: “Delusional.”
Jackie: “Wants to be a royal.”

Janet: “Can she sing?”
Chyka: “She can’t!”
Jackie [singing]: “Money can’t buy you cla-ass.”

Brandi Glanville

Chyka: “Not a good friend!”
Janet: “Big bad mouth.”
Jackie: “Drug fucked.”

Jackie: “Not illegal. I’m talking about alcohol… I think she takes downers.” 
Chyka: “She’s an enabler! That’s what I should’ve put.”

Andy Cohen

Chyka: “Sexy.”
Janet: “My new flame!”
Jackie: “Love, my soul brother. Mazel toff!”

Janet: “Oh, you didn’t see my tweet about him the other night. It’s breaking news. I turned Andy!” 
Chyka: “Is that how you spell ‘mazel tov?’” 
Jackie: “I don’t know.”

What did you think of their answers? Sounds off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Bravo