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Luann de Lesseps: “Heather’s Approach May Irritate Bethenny, But She’s Coming From A Good Place”

Luann de Lesseps is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Luann de Lesseps dishes on Bethenny's emotional walls, Ramona's "awkward" talk with Avery and Kristen's confrontation. Luann writes:

"We build too many walls and not enough bridges." – Isaac Newton

Back from the Berkshires after a gorgeous weekend with the girls! At Dorinda’s birthday dinner, I was glad to see Bethenny hug it out with Heather even if it wasn’t the sincerest move, it did calm Heather down. I understand why Bethenny would want to just chill out and enjoy the party rather than be mothered by Heather. Yet, kindness comes in many forms and Heather’s approach may irritate Bethenny, but she’s coming from a good place. As for my toast, it really was girl-love at first sight when I met Dorinda. She’s a beautiful, funny and interesting woman and we instantly connected. Sometimes you just instinctively know that you like someone from the get-go. As for my toast being awkward, at least I had something nice to say about our hostess although I admit, not one of my best!

I felt for Ramona when she picked up Avery from the airport excited to go to dinner and Avery told her that she first had to finish a paper -- a paper that she could have worked on during her flight home but instead blew off to flirt with the cute boy sitting next to her. Cute boy...term paper…which would you choose at her age? As for Ramona asking Avery “what should she do about Mario pursuing her again?” -- it felt awkward to me, yet Avery showed a lot of maturity when she said that Ramona has to do what is best for her. I appreciated how Avery put the situation into perspective by saying that for over twenty years, her dad was a good husband and father but she’s at college, living her own life and whether or not her parents are together doesn’t really affect her as much as it would have if she were younger. I think Avery’s putting on a brave face for her mother. Ramona’s already taken over Mario’s closets so it’s not looking promising for him!

Bethenny showed a lot of class by letting Sonja sit in on her yearly Skinnygirl branding summit. I think Sonja was surprised that Bethenny’s partnering with some very large companies to distribute her products. Bethenny’s the real deal and I think you can see why she reaches her emotional limit when pushed too hard to confront the walls she puts up to protect herself. She’s got a lot going with her business and with her difficult family situation and it’s hard for her to accept advice from anyone. I get it.

When Bethenny invited Ramona out for dinner, she didn’t realize that Ramona wanted beef, she just didn’t mean steak! She didn’t read the email all the way through I guess!! As for hitting a meat-market after dinner, Ramona clearly means of the male variety. She is uncomfortable with females one-on-one, even just talking about it grosses her out…I say, “to each her own.”

Did Carole really have to tell Kristen about what Bethenny said regarding her copyright for Pop of Color? I think Kristen should go with her gut when naming her polishes and I think “Date Night” is a lot better than “Thrust”…way better. I’m happy for Kristen and I hope her new venture is a smashing success. As for Kristen approaching Bethenny at the AOA party, there is a right time for this type of conversation and for Bethenny this wasn’t the time. Again, Bethenny can only take so much and I was just having a heartfelt conversation about the state of her emotions before Kristen interrupted us. But Bethenny and I have been friends for years and she barely knows Kristen. It’s going to take Bethenny some time before she engages with Kristen or Heather on any meaningful level.

This and more next week…until then, don’t be uncool!!"

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The Real Housewives of New York City airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c only on Bravo

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo