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Kristen Taekman: “I Still Feel Like I Am Getting Beaten Up For Approaching Bethenny”

Kristen Taekman is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Kristen talks about the first night of their crazy Turks and Caicos trip and her conversation with Bethenny Frankel. Kristen writes:

"I was so happy and impressed to see Dorinda call out Ramona on her behavior after I walked out of the room. I am so surprised Ramona has gotten away with her bad behavior and attitude for as long as she has. Maybe people just expect it from her and turn a blind eye. I, unfortunately, can’t tolerate her lack of respect and outbursts and have no choice but to at least stand up for myself or let her know how I feel.

Lu threw a really nice and elegant party, and I was bummed I had to deal with the Ramona confrontation at the pre-party, but I remember thinking how funny it was that Sonja missed the pre-party in the suite and went right to the red carpet. So Sonja in the City.

I was personally loving my mohair outfit, but maybe it was too much for Ramona and Sonja. Good news--I won’t expect them calling me to borrow it.

I have to admit I appreciate the conversation Bethenny and I finally were able to have. One thing I truly appreciate about Bethenny is she is straightforward and doesn’t mince her words “if she chooses to talk to you." She called me out on my “puss face,” which the truth is you have no idea what you look like until you see yourself on TV, and I will be the first to admit when I was watching it, I would totally have to agree with Bethenny. I do have this crazy weird “puss face” when she or others are speaking to me, and I really don’t mean to have that look or attitude, but I now know I have to make a conscious effort to not make that look and try and smile or do something better with my face. Ironically my husband has often called me out on this face, and I always thought he was crazy for saying that, but I would now have to also agree with him. Note to self: I will work on the “puss face”!

The one thing I wish Bethenny would stop saying is that she doesn’t know me. How about saying, "I really don’t know you, and ironically, we have lots of friends in common, so let’s make some type of effort to get to know each other." But hey, maybe we will finally get that time together on vacation.

I still feel like I am getting beaten up for approaching Bethenny to ask her what Carole had told me. Truth is, I just wanted to ask her to her face if she said it and why, but nonetheless if you don’t like the name Pop of Color, or you think it is too close to the name of Pop, she is entitled to her own opinion. I personally think Pop of Color is a great name for a nail polish line or beauty product. It's not like Skinnygirl is the only product with the name skinny in it, but the good news is Pop of Color is trademarked, and I am working my butt of to try and make it successful, and I enjoy learning the business.

I am still scratching my head and want to get a true definition of a swami priest. What exactly does she do for Sonja? Do you think she met the swami priest from the Nigerian football team or maybe one of the royal Shieks gave her one as a gift?

Turks and Chaos, and I mean “CHAOS”…

Let’s just say we were having one of the worst winters in NYC. As you can see, we barely were able to get out of JFK with all the snow on the ground and coming down from the sky, so the idea of getting somewhere tropical with a beach and warm weather and water was a dreaaaaaam! OMG the house was so beautiful and right on the beach, and all I could think about was coming back with Josh and the kids! It was funny, we were all so excited to get to the house and check it out and maybe get a cold drink or cocktail before even thinking about rooms and all that stuff. Sure enough Ramona and Sonja had already started laying claim to the best rooms, and in typical fashion, they were even fighting over the rooms both of them thought were the best. The funny thing it has been so long since Bethenny has really hung out with these women, let alone travel with them, that she was a bit in disbelief and was really funny confronting them on their behavior. In all seriousness, when you travel with eight women, I don’t think it is fair or cool for Ramona and Sonja to think they can just take whatever room they please and not have that discussion with the other women. I guess they feel it is some type of seniority or rite of passage, which I think is tacky. But oh well, I am just happy to be there and happy to take whatever room. I just couldn’t wait to get into that ocean water.

Once all the drama settled from the room fiasco, it was so ironic to see Ramona actually being nice to me and calling me the voice of reason. Hmmmm...I must say I would much rather her call me voice of reason than DUMB, but all good. We are there to have fun. However I must say her canary yellow bikini with the hooker heels gave me and the girls a good chuckle. Not to mention once she started doing those exercises and that funny thing she does with sticking her butt out, It was all a good laugh for everyone, even her.

All the woman really appreciate how sincere Bethenny was being with wanting to help Sonja and be her voice of reason, but as you can tell, that didn’t go too well, and let’s just say Sonja was having a hard time LISTENING. Hmmmmm...go figure. It did get quite intense for both of them and was stressing everyone out, especially since we just got there, and we wanted to have a nice dinner. Nonetheless, Bethenny was coming from a place of good intention and had to be quite candid with her.

Night one of Turks and CHAOS with more to come!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo