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Heather Dubrow Dishes On Her New Champagne Line ‘Collette’ And RHOC's Upcoming Napa Trip!

Heather Dubrow is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Heather dishes on her new champagne, Collette and reveals how excited she is for the group's trip to Napa and Vicki's fiesta! Heather writes:

"Hi Everyone!

I am writing my blog from an airplane...heading home from a busy work weekend in Minnesota (I was at the EVINELIVE shopping channel with Terry) on my way to pick up the kids and take them for a little family vacation!

This season you will see a lot of fun things I have been working on, but Consult Beaute, the skin care line that Terry and I created together, has been a labor of love for almost 15 years! You will be hearing and seeing more on this as the season goes on, but since you may be seeing posts about it on social media, I thought I'd mention it! To learn more about it, go to or visit my website!

OK, on to this episode...

My dear friends for years, Mike and Nancy Bello (who have been on the show several times) have the most incredible vineyard in Napa Valley! They produce some of the best wines in California! Knowing my love of all things bubbles, we have often talked about partnering up to create a sparkling wine together. Well, we finally did it! We called it COLLETTE (you can follow it on Instagram @COLLETTECHAMPS) and you can purchase at or via my website!

A couple of years ago we started the process of meeting with the wine maker, blending, and creating this incredible methode champenois! (Which is a fabulously fancy term for the fermentation process that we used to create COLLETTE as it's done in France!) I designed the bottle on a napkin at the Bello Family Vineyards tasting room in St. Helena. I then sent it to my mother (she's an artist) who took my drawings and painted them for the label! It's been such a fun experience with dear friends and family to create COLLETTE.

If you know anything about me, you know I love to celebrate! So, even though we are already selling COLLETTE, I wanted to do an official launch party in Napa and invite my friends!

I didn't know that Vicki was receiving an insurance award in Florida that same weekend or I would have tried to change the date! Thankfully everyone else said they were available to attend! Even Eddie!! Which was so nice to hear, because I know how busy he is and dedicated to CUT fitness. It's a lot to ask people to leave their careers and families to go out of town and support you, so I was very honored to hear that everyone was coming to Napa.

Shannon seemed a bit negative about coming on the Napa trip, but honestly given our situation last year I do understand. We had seen each other a few times before Vicki's party, but clearly we need more time together to figure out what our future will look like as friends.


Of course you know I like a cake!!! I know it's absurd, but we saved a seat on the plane for the cake! It was the only way to get it there unscathed! Ridiculous!!! Too bad there is no FedEx for pastries!!!

All about the Cake in Dana Point (not sponsored, by the way...) is an amazing place that makes not just beautiful cakes, but DELICIOUS ones as well... Stay tuned to see the cake next week!

Juice with Tamra...

I'm sad to see Tamra so unsettled. This is a great time in her life! She has an amazing husband, profitable business and she's about to be a Grandma! I'm hoping it's a short, hormonal moment... Life is good... Enjoy it!

The scenes with Shannon and David are so heartbreaking. I'm glad to see them both working so hard to move on from the affair. Their girls are so sweet and beautiful, I think Shannon and David are teaching them an important lesson in forgiveness and resilience.

Vicki's fiesta!!!

Vicki's parties are always fun, themed, and full of surprises! I thought everyone got along exceptionally well and Terry and I were happy to bring Meghan and Jimmy and Katie and Josh Hamilton along for the fun!

The piñata was hilarious! Filled with whistles, necklaces, and tequila (...notice my tequila shot went over my shoulder! LOL...) Of course Meghan cracked the piñata open!!! She is tall, fit, and married to Jimmy Edmonds!!

Well, as you can probably assume, there's some drama in Napa...

Tune in next week to see how it unfolds and watch me on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Monday, June 22!

Until then, check me out on Instagram and Twitter @heatherdubrow and Terry and I are sharing some amusing (we think!) and basically unplugged videos on PERISCOPE!!! Check it out!"

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