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Bethenny Frankel Dishes On What ‘Newer’ Housewives Don't Understand!

The B is back! Bethenny Frankel returned to the Real Housewives of New York City this season after a lengthy hiatus. Upon her return to the Bravo hit reality series, the Skinnygirl mogul as found herself beefing with the newbies.

In a recent interview, Bethenny dishes on the difference with veteran housewives and new ones.

"That's the difference between old-school Housewives and newer Housewives. Newer Housewives sometimes think that we're creating something," she says on Access Hollywood. "And we're not on Days of Our Lives. This is called the Real Housewives. This is me living and there's a camera capturing that. This is not 'We're best friends because were doing a play together.' And the newer girls don't understand that as well as the older girls."

Bethenny's return hasn't been met without some fireworks from the rest of the crew, both new and old. "I'm new in the pack again and people don't know how to deal with me," she says. "And [they] want to either kind of be with me or work it out with me or talk to me, or fight with me or do something with me. I really felt like I was the don, working out issues. Like I had people come and air their grievances with me. So I was putting out fires one at a time."

Watch the full interview below!

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo