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Will NeNe Leakes And Cynthia Bailey Ever Be Friends Again?

NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey may have once been besties, but NeNe is pretty certain that the friendship is over for good. In a recent interview with The Meredith Vieira Show, NeNe weighed in on the prospects of a reconciliation with the her Real Housewives of Atlanta castmate.

"When Cynthia and I first stopped talking, I did miss our friendship because we had been so close and we did talk so many times a day," she explains. "So I did miss our friendship. But now, for me, it's kind of old news. I'm over it. We will never be friends like that ever again."

Despite the fractured friendship, NeNe doesn't have any ill will towards Cynthia. "I don't wish her any harm," she said. "I actually wish her the best. We just will never be friends again."

The sentiment is one that NeNe expressed last summer when asked about the bad blood between her and her former BFF and if she felt there could be a future for the twosome.

"There's no friendship and there will not be. I am so done with her. I don't even have words for her," she said last July.

She continued, "We had a real friendship. I really loved her. I feel like if she had an issue with me, I don't understand somebody waiting 6 months to have an issue with you: come over your house, eat your food, go to the hospital, go to Fashion Week with you, travel for New Year's, and then, all of a sudden, sit on the couch and make up some s--t. She blindsided me sitting on the couch," she said referencing events that took place on a reunion special last year.

Watch the full interview below!

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo