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Tamra Judge On New Season Of RHOC: “The Season Is Very Raw”

In a recent interview, Tamra Judge opened up about last year's struggles and what to expect in new season of Real Housewives of Orange County. Judge describes the new season as 'very raw'  and hints that we will see another side of her.

”I think they will see a softer side of me,” she tells The Real Mr. Housewife. “I become a grandmother and take a spiritual journey in my life that I’m excited to share with everyone.”

Part of that journey? Going through a very public and bitter custody battle with ex-husband Simon Barney, which weighed heavily on the RHOC star and her family. “The kids and I were put through the ringer personally and publicly last year,” she shares. “It’s taken time to heal from all the pain.”

She reveals that time heals all, which she has more of now that her and husband Eddie’s business has taken off. “CUT Fitness is now two years old and things are running smoothly,” she says. Not to say that she isn’t invested elsewhere! “Now that I spend less time at CUT I have returned to real estate part time working for Keller Williams.”

Tamra admits that last season she was “personally a mess,” but claims there’s a lot to look forward to in season 10. “We have a death to a birth and everything in between,” she teases. “The season is very raw with real life issues.”

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo