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Stassi Schroeder Confirms She Has Quit Vanderpump Rules!

After many reports, Stassi Schroeder officially confirms that she's done with all the drama on Vanderpump Rules. “This isn’t my life anymore,” Schroeder tells Millennium Magazine.

Stassi knew she was done at the reunion, which she describes as “the worst day of my life” after news broke that a solo sex tape she made had circulated around SUR and just barely avoided becoming a storyline thanks to Lisa Vanderpump, reports Reality Tea.

Admitting she barely survived the brutal day, Stassi made a decision to officially abandon SUR and reality TV.  “I held it together the whole time during taping, and went home afterwards and cried for two hours and went to sleep at 6:00 at night.”

“I don’t hang out with these people. I don’t talk to them, and I’m not around it, I haven’t seen most of them in the seven months since filming stopped,” she explains to Millennium Magazine. “It was so crazy to be back in that environment, and I was just looking at everyone just hating and fighting, and I thought there is just so much more than this minuscule situation.”

“It’s really hard to be in a show where you are being played to be one step hated of everybody else and rip each other to shreds. We’re not paid to sit around and get along,” Stassi elaborates of her time as a reality show villainess. “They want to see dirt. It was really hard. But we did it to ourselves, we put ourselves in that situation, so I can’t complain about it.”

While she’s not exactly grateful for the platform the show gave her, Stassi accepts that it taught her a lot about who she is as a person. “I learned that I’m tough. Maybe I had to grow to be tough.”

Stassi also credits the show for opening doors into the fashion industry, she recently attended fashion week and she launched a style blog and the infamous statement necklace line. “It’s kind of my thing right now,” she declares. “It’s what I love.”

Since leaving the show Stassi has also started a podcast, and admits she’s officially left Bravo and reality TV behind her. She also has separated herself from social media and the “nasty comments people post to her.”

Photo Credit: Bravo