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RHOMelbourne Casting News: Producers Are Searching For New Housewives For Season 3!

The second season of the Real Housewives of Melbourne has been a massive hit both in Australia and America. For the first time in history, an international Real Housewives series is airing on Bravo in prime time. With the finale and two part reunion special coming in the next few weeks, the network is already moving forward for a third season.

According to a new report, the third season will start filming sometime in August. In an email obtained by Confidential, producers of the show reveal they have put the “feelers” out for prospective new talent to either replace current cast or come on board as new additions.

The email states that producers are unsure about whether to replace some of the resident housewives or introduce additional characters but revealed they were “really keen to meet with some new ladies, just in case.”

“We’re not sure whether we’ll replace any of our current Housewives at this stage,” the email read. The correspondence also outlines a set of traits that will be looked for, including being interesting, glamorous, eccentric, opinionated and stylish, reports the Daily Telegraph.

“It takes all types of women to make it interesting,” it said. At this point, there is no confirmation that any of the current housewives will be replaced for the new season.

The email reads as follows:

Hi guys and gals,

Hoping you might be able to help me out, please..

I’m in the midst of putting out feelers re potential new cast members to be involved with Season 3 of Foxtel’s hit TV show The Real Housewives of Melbourne (on both a part-time and/or full-time basis).

We’re not sure whether we’ll replace any of our current Housewives at this stage or add to the cast for that matter, but I’m really keen to meet with some new ladies, just in case.

If you’re familiar with the show (lovers and haters), you’ll know it takes all types of women to make it interesting, but ideally we’d like ladies who fit one or more of the following traits:


Funny & Fun






Interesting (them & their lives)

FYI, it’s an incredible platform for anyone who may have a charity and/or product they’d like to promote or establish.

And as you may or may not be aware, our local Melbourne production of Housewives is now broadcast during primetime in the United States, which is an incredible way for the world to see and hear about you or anything you’d like to promote.

If you know of anyone who comes to mind as a head turner or sticks out generally in life - whether it be during school drop off/pick up, when you’ve been out and about socially, someone you may know as a friend or someone you may not even know but know of, PLEASE share with me!!

What are your thoughts? Do you think any of the current cast should be replaced? Sounds off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Bravo