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Real Housewives Of Melbourne Star Pettifleur Berenger Slapped With Cease And Desist By Omarosa Over Similar Book Titles!

Pettifleur Berenger's book 'Switch the Bitch' was a big topic this season on The Real Housewives of Melbourne. A few of her castmates question the similarities of her book title to original Apprentice reality star, Omarosa Manigault's book 'The Bitch Switch'

According to TMZ, Omarosa is now taking legal action. The website reports that the ‘Apprentice’ vet served Pettifleur Berenger with a cease-and-desist for her recent self-help book, "Switch the Bitch: My Formula to Being the Champion of Your Life, Not the Victim."

Omarosa dropped her own motivational tome, "The Bitch Switch: Knowing How To Turn It On and Off" back in October of 2008.

Omarosa and her lawyer, Bradford M. Cohen, demand a full accounting of Berenger’s book sales, which they say “should not take long” -- since it's an "absolute bore to read."

If Berenger doesn’t pull her book from bookshelves, then Omarosa is prepared to sue for $150,000 for each violation of her copyright.

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Mr Cohen told Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday: 'It is a cease and desist letter requesting her to stop all sales and an accounting for past sales. 'We have drafted it and it is in transit in the mail.'

Pettifleur is not the first housewife that Omarosa has battled with.

During her time on Celebrity Apprentice, Omarosa came after her 'friend' Claudia Jordan (Real Housewives of Atlanta) in the boardroom which the friendship ended quickly after Jordan was fired from Trump. Quickly after that, a feud started each of them shading one another in the press and interviews. At one point, Jordan accused Omarosa's mom of allegedly physically attacking her during a red carpet event.

Also, During an apprentice on Bethenny Frankel's now cancelled talk show, the Apprentice star came after Frankel for saying that Omarosa doesn't have a "brand" and pretty much not giving her credit as a business woman during an interview she did on The View. Watch the full fight between Bethenny and Omarosa here!

What are your thoughts on this #BookGate drama between Omarosa or Pettifleur? Sound off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images, Pettifleur Berenger