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Lydia Schiavello's Son Sentenced To Eighteen Months In Community Corrections And 100 Hours Of Community Work For Sharing Nude Photos Of Ex-Girlfriend!

As we reported, Lorenzo Schiavello, son of Real Housewives Of Melbourne star Lydia Schiavello, was charged with 'stalking and distribution of an intimate image.' Now, the Herald Sun is reporting that Lorenzo “Lozzy” Schiavello, was sentenced to an 18-month community corrections order and ordered to carry out 100 hours of community work.

The 20 year old teen was labelled a bully by Magistrate Andrew Capell. At a hearing this month, the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court heard Schiavello was riding a “roller-coaster of emotions” when he posted nude photos of he's ex girlfriend on Facebook.

According to court documents, Schiavello sent her 11 text messages over a 24 hour period in November, 2014, as well as 12 private inbox messages on Facebook “of a nasty nature”, police prosecutor Leading Senior Constable Steve Wood said.

He also sent her 18 naked photos of herself and one of him “flipping the bird”. The following day, Schiavello updated his Facebook profile with a naked picture of the woman holding her hands over her breasts and one of her wearing a G-string.

In sentencing, Mr Capell blasted Schiavello for public humiliating the victim, whom he had described to a doctor as “stupid’’.

"She’s not stupid,’’ Mr Capell said. "She had the intelligence to get out of the relationship with you.’’

Mr Capell said Schiavello had claimed to have been bullied as a child, but had become one himself.

"The bullied became the bully,’’ he said.

Lorenzo Schiavello | Photo Credit: Tony Gough

The court heard Schiavello was diagnosed as having a borderline personality disorder, which helped keep him out of jail.

In a victim impact statement submitted to the court, Schiavello’s victim said her life had been turned upside down by the scandal. The court heard she was deeply embarrassed and ashamed and emotionally devastated.

"To be blunt, you made her life misery,’’ Mr Capell said.

The magistrate said Schiavello was lucky to have escaped an immediate prison sentence.

"Social media must not be used to humiliate or denigrate people like you did,’’ he warned.

Mr Capell ordered Schiavello to undergo a forensic procedure to get his DNA, warning him police could use force to take it should he resist. He also convicted and fined Schiavello $600 for unlicensed and unregistered driving.

Source/Photo Credit: The Herald Sun