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Jackie Gillies Gives Update On Her Friendship With Gina Liano!

Jackie Gillies is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on the final episode of the second season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Jackie Gillies weighs in on Part 2 of the reunion and gives update on her friendship with Gina Liano. Jackie writes:

"It’s a wrap! I can’t believe season 2 is already over. What do we do now at 8:30pm every Sunday until next year?

The reunions are always interesting. A cathartic experience more than anything. Unfortunately I felt there was a lot of holding back of opinions going on! This isn’t what Housewives is all about! Come on girls, let it all hang out!

PF says she doesn’t drink, that she has a 2 drink maximum. Confused? She was drinking during the promo trip , and it was her arguing. Gina and I were having a lovely conversation. We all saw it and we all agree. Sorry PF, you look a bit silly here.

Just to clarify, as I felt the reason for my outburst at PF’s party wasn’t made very clear. It was a fight or flight response because I believed that a guest was brought along to intimidate me and I felt threatened and unsafe. However, Gina and I caught up after filming wrapped and spoke in depth about the issue. We found resolution and have both moved on.

Gamble's "dry pu*&y" comment was completely unexpected and filthy. I have a potty mouth, but that was next level. Not a good visual.

Chyka and I are genuine friends.

Gamble asked me “what I do” in terms of profession, but she already knew from watching season one. Gamble makes no secret she was a huge fan of the first season of Housewives. I understand and accept that psychics are open to scepticism, but I felt Gamble’s questioning was pre-conceived for on camera.

What else doesn’t make sense is, when cameras were off, Gamble spoke about her and her sister’s tarot card readings and continuously spoke to me about how intuitive she is, which I loved and felt we connected.

Gamble and her sister also gave me a tarot card reading at her hen’s night. Considering this, I don’t understand why Gamble would keep trying to defame what I do when the cameras are rolling.

Let’s do a trade, Gamble -  a formal psychic reading in exchange for the amazing flower painting you did during Episode 1. It will hang nicely next to my nephews Happy Healthy Harold poster.

What a fun exceptional life changing experience The Real Housewives continues to be. I am really thankful to have this amazing opportunity and I still have to pinch myself.

The high point this season was seeing Jake (Janet’s son) come to life during the creation of he and Janet’s Raw Essentials tea company and the Roach Foundation. Jake finding purpose again and realising his potential was a joy to watch and makes my heart sing. What disappointed me was that some people were not being real on camera. Instead, there was personal brand management, pre-conceived stories, self-censorship and ‘holding back’. The complete opposite reasons for being part of a show like Housewives.
When I signed onto season one, I promised myself I would be 100% authentic and true to who I am during this whole adventure, because the viewer’s deserve that.

I want to thank the fans and the viewers that continue to be loyal follows of our show and for allowing us into your homes. Believe me, we feel just as connected to you as you do to us, and let’s face it, it’s you guys that make this show a success. You rock!

The Real Housewives of Melbourne season 2 = explosive outbursts (given), difference of opinions (given), name calling (given), a couple of rumours being passed around, murder mysteries, dancing gyrating strippers, plastic surgery, plenty in jest, Wolfe pups, pet pigs, couture outfits, Housewives writing books (given), psychic vibes, fluffy dogs, disobedient dogs, intergalactic princess fashion (PF), Barbie names, Big Group catering, switching bitches, fingernail gouging, calorie counting, make-up remover, ventriloquism, 71th floors, weddings & engagements, arm twirls, sex talk, meddling, decks of toppling cards, bad golf swings, events & launches, dinners, lunches, coffees, crazy eyes, cold hard truths, throwing of people under buses, cricket legends, Santa pants, back combs, tea blends, accents, plagiarism, fascinators, half-moons & sex toys.

I hope I covered everything.

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I’ll be seeing you really soon ;)
In the meantime, keep shining bright.
Jackie x"

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