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Jackie Gillies Explains Why Gamble Breaux Needed To Hear The “Cold Hard Truth” About Gina Liano!

Jackie Gillies is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Jackie Gillies explains why Gamble needed to hear the “cold hard truth” about Gina and talks about her High Tea Garden party.

Jackie writes: "The Philippines getaway was a mostly tranquil experience! Before I continue, I’d like to make some things crystal clear.

At the drama filled Philippines dinner, it was after Gina’s constant tormenting of PF (this wasn’t the only time) for no reason, then Gamble diving in claiming Gina gives the “cold hard truth”, that tipped me over the edge.

I have no interest in Gamble and Gina’s relationship, but at that point I felt Gamble needed to hear some “cold hard truth” about what her friend had been saying behind her back.

First came denial, then eventually admittance. I cannot stand lies, especially straight to my face. Yes, my fiery Croatian side made an appearance, and I’m not proud of the way I conducted myself, but I’m only human, and I’m being 100% my authentic self. Upfront and honest.

Home is truly where the heart is and I felt relieved to be back! Most of all, getting to see my Benny. I missed him immensely. Ben is always a great sounding board for me, and he helps me bring challenging situations into perspective.

Congratulations to Lydia on her extremely couture home renovations. Ultra chic! Paintings, granite slabs, multiple dishwashers, electric draws, Italian candelabras. Hot!

I’m excited and proud of my friend to finally be launching her Raw Essentials tea range.

The light bulb moment to start a tea company was first conceived by Janet and Jake to coincide with the launch of the Roach Foundation to support other burns victims, not to mention Janet’s lifelong obsession with drinking exotic tea.

Janet has created inspiring premium products that I have personally tried and tested, and let me tell you, they are a winner. Great job guys.

Most importantly, I feel this project has helped Jake pull himself out of a challenging place after his tragic accident. I’m so proud of you both! Go and buy some of their life changing teas here.

Disappointing that the stupid rumours are BACK. Not the time or place. This is Janet’s and Jake’s night. Anyway, if they’re true or not, who gives a shit!

I was disappointed I couldn't make Gina’s shoe launch, as I was interstate. Although we have our differences at times, I am proud and I truly wish her all of the success in the world. I will say this, the shoes are a true representation of Gina. Rhinestones for days. You go girl! Keep inspiring.

There was a sticky moment though. I have a feeling PF keeps pointing out the potential issue of the red soles to retaliate to Gina’s comments regarding PF book plagiarism controversy. I feel PF should have zipped it and supported the event, then have the red sole conversation in private.

La Mascara High Tea Garden Party, baby!

There’s one thing that La Mascara knows how to do, and it’s throw a KILLER party!

The High Tea Garden party was a gentle launch for our newest product, High Tea. Alcoholic ice teas. Nice combo, right?!

We’ve put a ton of hard work and love into our pin up girl inspired party and we think it looks incredible. The event also coincided with the announcement of the winner of the New Look of La Mascara model competition.

The competition was all about giving back. Giving someone a kick start in the modelling industry. Among the many awesome prizes, the winner gets $10K cash and a modelling contract… and the winner is *drum roll* *and an unsuccessful champagne opening* NATASHA!!!!

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Go and try our beverages! They are fabulous and they are made with love. You can buy all entire range at Dan Murphy’s nationwide, including the Lemon and vodka High Tea & White Peach and Vodka High Tea. We’re also VERY excited to say the White Peach and Vodka High Tea is now available at BWS nationwide.

How better to finish a #RHOMelbourne ep than a helicopter exit? Nothing.

Love you guys x
Keep Shining x

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Photo Credit: Arena