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Chyka Keebaugh Responds To Gina Liano's “Agreeable” Comment!

Chyka Keebaugh is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Chyka Keebaugh weighs in on Part 1 of the reunion and responds to Gina's aggreable comment. Chyka writes:

"And so it begins - part one of the reunion!

This is such a big day! We are picked up at 7am for hair and makeup in the studio and start on set at about 10.30am. We have a break every couple of hours, but didn't leave until 12.30am - the next morning!!

We are all separated and only see each for the first time on set. For Gamble and Pettifleur I'm sure they were nervous and like us all slightly apprehensive. None of us know where the day will go and who will say what.

I am sure it is of no surprise to you - the reunion show is not the easiest day for any of us! It is so stressful, draining and so full of anxiety, I would love to skip it but I just cant. It is the one show that ties together the whole season and let’s us respond to opinions, accusations and discuss the issues that arose.

Sound like fun to you? I can assure you it’s not. I mean sure - the dressing up part is, but the slinging match, the walk outs and the bitching that ensues? No thank you.

After a small amount of chit chat from Alex, it starts with Gina’s book and the fact that she was releasing an autobiography. You can always rely on Gina to put a positive spin on her own achievements and we have been warned ‘pick on someone your own size, not someone bigger and smarter’.

I will have to remember that. Not sure I’m keen on picking on anyone at all but hey, that's just me being a "fence sitter" as Gina so kindly points out!!

I would like to say though that I never received my invitation for the launch, although I do believe Gina when she said we were invited, however I was surprised to be sent a text uninviting me to the book launch on the recommendation of her publicist and publisher.

I totally understood that this was a Gina event and not about the Housewives, but do think it's not a very nice thing to un-invite everyone - perhaps that should have been thought of before the invitations went out?

The Gina/Gamble love fest is hysterical! Gamble never believed she was like this until she saw all the footage put together. I love the fact that she is able to have a laugh at herself and I do honestly think there is a friendship there, and I am happy for them to have connected.

We are in a bizarre bubble when we film and we are together all the time so for Gamble to have found someone to confide in and help her deal with all that she did, at the beginning of the season is great.

Does Gina feel the same way about their blossoming relationship? I'm not sure, but who is anyone to doubt their close friendship.

Next we have a little wrap up of our two new girls! These ones certainly locked horns and when you see it all together - it really did make for awkward viewing. The "who" makes their own money story line, I found to be really annoying.

It was rude and totally uncalled for! Who cares where it came from or how you spend it, but it certainly made these two girls very angry. I found Gamble very articulate and measured when discussing this with Pettifleur, she explained her feelings very well and certainly kept her emotions in check.

I appreciated Pettifleur apologising to Gamble and hope now that is no longer a conversation.

I think for many viewers the package of Gina and Jackie may answer a few questions that people may have regarding the girls’ relationship and their fight in the last episode. I was so surprised to see Jackie cry as I knew that she and Gina had caught up and talked about how threatened Jackie felt at the party.

At the time of PFs party we don't really understand her reaction to Gina, but I think that now we understand how vulnerable she felt. I do feel like Jackie and Gina are in the early stages of mending their friendship, and I also think Gina’s description of the relationship - The mother and the rebellious daughter, they love each other then they hate each other is spot on.

But who knows what will happen next season. There was a vulnerability to Jackie that we rarely see on the show and it was nice to see her softer side - something I get to see all the time. I also felt that Gina was genuinely upset for her too.

Pettifleur’s book Switch the Bitch certainly caused a lot of conversations and it's great to see that it still makes everyone fire up! I don't really understand why Gamble can't let it go and allow PF to publish her book and work out the things that need to be sorted herself.

I don't think she is being a friend and the interesting thing about the blow up between Lydia and Gamble is that none of us really ever did get to know Gamble as she really only ever talked to Gina.

We had a few lunches here and there but she never really spent any quality time with us individually. My dog walk with her seemed to cover the rumour drama and that is about all. Such a shame really, because I do feel a connection with her and think she is a gorgeous girl.

Gina seems to be frustrated that I have an agreeable personality, which therefore apparently means I have no friends! I don't tend to tear my friends down - of which I have many Gina - thanks for your concern!

I believe in supporting people and therefore will back Pettifleur’s book, Janet's tea, Jackie’s La Mascara and even her book if I had been invited! So I am sorry for my agreeable personality, it’s clearly annoying you.

I don't fight with people for the sake of it- that is not my nature. Sure I get into disagreements with people - I am not afraid to confront and tackle important issues, but I am not someone who goes out of my way to hurt, belittle or argue.

It’s not my idea of a good time and it’s just not who I am. If I am in the wrong I will admit I am, and if I feel as though I am wronged I will do something about it. The show has also taught me so much about myself. I am stronger than I thought I was and I am a fair and kind person.

Sometimes staying quiet in a room full of noise is the best support I can offer someone. Amongst this group of girls it can be very hard but I am a calm, happy, level headed woman - I will never disrespect myself or my family.

The tension is still there and when Pettifleur starts talking about an incident that happened in Sydney. I was very shocked by PF’s reaction. Can I just say that on the night this happened, I had said to all the girls that I was having an early night, room service and a movie!

You can imagine my surprise the next morning when I heard all that happened. I wasn't there so can't say what did or didn't happen, but I do know that if Gina and Jackie are agreeing on something then maybe that's where the truth lays?

I was so surprised to see PF’s reaction to the drinking portion of the story as I think what she should have been more upset with was Gina calling her names and grabbing her arm!

What will happen next week? Will Pettifleur come back on set? What will I be explaining to Janet?"

What do you think about Chyka’s blog?

The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena and Thursday nights at 9pm/8c on Bravo!

Photo Credit: Arena