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Chyka Keebaugh: “Pettifleur Was Certainly Being Kicked When She Was Down”

Chyka Keebaugh is taking to her personal blog to dish on the final episode of the second season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Chyka Keebaugh weighs in on Part 2 of the reunion and explains why she came to Pettifleur's defense. Chyka writes:

"So we start back at the reunion with Pettifleur still refusing to come back to the couches. Lydia is trying to calm our little pocket rocket down but she is not having a bar of it! She cannot move on from the drinking accusations and the girls are all getting frustrated that she won’t come back in! We were all tired and the longer it took for Pettifleur to come back in the longer the night was becoming! As I said last week – if Jackie & Gina are agreeing on what happened then perhaps their version is what happened! I’m not saying that Pettifleur is lying, maybe she has forgotten exactly what happened? I honestly don’t think it’s that important and Pettifleur is losing traction with her story…. I love Jackie calling out and Lydia’s words of wisdom to follow her own concept – the inner bitch! Alex decides that enough Is enough and finally gets Pettifleur back to the couch – so we can all start again.

Jackie doesn’t want Pettifleur to be so upset but they can’t work out who is “lying” or agree on who said what. Does anyone ever agree on anything? No! Was it right for Gina to call Pettifleur names and to squeeze her arm – no it definitely was not. I don’t believe anybody – man or woman should ever treat anyone that way. Tensions are on the rise as we all sit back and watch the drama that is ‘the racist package’. We were all very surprised to see Pettifleur’s reaction and talk about her childhood. We are all shaped by things that happened in our early life and Gina talking about her accent and sending it up really hit a raw nerve with her. I felt sad for PF and hate the fact that this was making her feel so upset. Gina doesn’t seem to realise that if you are upsetting someone with making fun of there accent then you need to stop. Whether she thought it was a joke or not, it wasn’t making Pettifleur feel good at all!

I really didn’t feel that Gina needed to say that she didn’t like Pettifleur, and that she ‘wasn’t her kind of girl’. So what if she isnt – do we really need to hear every opinion of yours? Poor Pettifleur was certainly being kicked when she was down! There is a time and a place for everything and that really wasn’t the time. I understand the reunion is the chance to air grievances but hurting people unnecessarily is just plain mean. Enough said!

I loved watching the package relating to Jackie’s Physic ability! Her reaction was fantastic and so fun to see. Jackie was upset with Gamble and her being a cynic in regards to her abilities. I have no issue with Gamble’s opinion but again this is Jackie’s profession and probably not the time to make fun of what she does. We all need a dose of humour every now and then but not at the expense of hurting one of the girls! I loved the naughty scene next and even saw some footage that never made the cut! As I’ve said before, my morning with the gorgeous boys that Jackie arranged was honestly a highlight for me. It was a bit of light, bright fun and I couldn’t wait to tell Bruce all about it! He thought it was hysterical, particularly me telling the policeman that I trusted him!

Gorgeous Rick joins us and it was so nice to see all their different moments together! They are a great couple and I am looking forward to seeing how their wedding plans go and watching them grow as a couple. He is such a calm, beautiful man and I think Gamble is a lucky girl to have him!

Next up is ‘rumour gate’ which I thought was done and dusted and not to be talked about again but NO! When Janet said that a certain someone could have come and helped her through the hard times I was very surprised as I didn’t know about any of this. Did Lydia tell Janet about the gossip? Mmmmm the plot thickens! What I do know is that Janet wouldn’t bring someone else into the drama for no reason and after all the arguing and denying and blaming and back and forth fights – we never really get to the bottom of it all. Will ‘rumour gate’ ever be put to bed? I hope so.

Manuella arrives on set and there is some serious tension between her and Gamble. I can’t believe that c word is being thrown around again and now they are calling each other snotty. The aggression between the two is definitely there and when Gamble turns around and talks about Manuella, I think we were all mortified! Who speaks to someone like that? Who even thinks of words like that to say? Thankfully Janet worked out what it meant so I didn’t have to explain!

Next up is all the different examples of Gina repeating things she had heard from different people about Gamble and Lydia. Interesting that Gina was forever saying Janet & I had done the wrong thing by telling Gamble about stories we had heard. But she is very comfortable asking Lydia about whether she was still with Andrew because of rumours she had heard. She is also very happy to bring up her story of Gamble’s makeup artist maybe being the start of the rumour. But of course she is only asking the questions – interesting how everything needs to be explained but an apology can never be given! From all of this drama I have learnt that you can’t make everyone happy (ever!) and perhaps you don’t repeat stories you hear from people whether you are trying to help them out or not!

What a year and what a ride this has been – Where will season three take us? Will there be some new housewives in the mix? You’ll have to wait and see. Chyka xx"

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