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Chyka Keebaugh: “I’m Not Sure Why Manuela Came Up To Gamble The Way She Did”

Chyka Keebaugh is taking to her personal blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Chyka Keebaugh weighs in on drama that went on at Pettifleur's 50th birthday party. Chyka writes:

"Well sadly it’s the last episode of Season Two and we start off having fun with our dogs. Gamble has set up the most amazing dog course for the dogs to race and let me tell you that was a seriously hot day. Gina’s dog Ninja gets the ball rolling and I don’t know why it makes me laugh to see her having to clean up after him but it does! Cash and Ninja then have a moment and Janet sits her dogs at the table. My poor dogs have no idea what’s going on- they haven’t even had a brush and I feel like a bad mother. Gamble pulls our the jockey’s to sit on the back of the dog’s back which I absolutely loved. As you can imagine there was a lot of competition between the girls, but I knew it was daunting enough for Ollie to be with all those dogs and that he was never in with a chance! I loved that Boychic with the shortest leg came in the top 3! Too cute, we had a really fun day.

I have an appointment with Pettifleur to discuss her 50th birthday party which I was really looking forward to. I hadn’t been to her place before and was blown away by the view – it was breath taking. Pettifleur explains to me her vision of what she wants and I definitely understand what she wants I just hope we are both on the same page. She wants a drama free birthday party and I think that as soon as you say that you know it’s not going to happen!

Dinner that night is at Lydia’s and we are ready for some fun. Lydia’s gorgeous mum is there and I always love seeing her. Gina and Gamble weren’t there which meant the atmosphere was different straight away. Lydia is an amazing cook so I knew the food would be amazing – and it was! I loved Janet’s chat on all the different types of Viagra’s, gels and creams……Who would of thought! Matt Butcher the chef arrived to make and incredible cigar dessert with ash and a glass of cognac! It looked amazing and tasted even better. Pettifleur showed us how to eat the desert her way…. mmmm interesting!

As my crew from The Big Group set up Pettifleur’s party at her apartment, I am at home chatting to Claudia and Tony. The phone rings and it’s Pettifleur sounding quite stressed out. It’s not looking how she imagined and she wants me to fix it but I’m not sure what she wants me to do. I had been at her place the day before for the start of the set up, placing all the furniture and vases etc. I had been speaking to both Steph and Daisy who work at The Big Group and knew where we were at with everything. I knew that if Pettifleur walked away and let the guys finish what they were doing she would be thrilled. Nothing ever looks that good until the last hour before a party and there was a lot of theatre involved with her set up that relied on mist and snow. We had already changed so many things during the day and I just wasn’t sure what she actually wanted done. What I do know is that Steph and Daisy are the best and would relieve Pettifleur’s stress with their magic. I think she was nervous about her event which is totally fair enough. Having said that – it’s our job to make her vision come to life so we will do everything we can to make her happy. And we do!

Pettifleur organised for us all to arrive by horse and carriage which was a really great way to start the night. When we arrived the hallway looked beautiful and very winter wonderland. Pettifleur looked gorgeous and the room was already pumping. I really felt like it was going to be a fun night and then Manuela and Gamble are at it! I’m not sure why Manuela came up to Gamble the way she did as she was a little scary and then we start the money conversation again which is so tedious and boring and then Gamble drops the C bomb. Seriously that was so last years word! Janet then had a go and I did feel she was a little harsh even though she was trying to be fair it did come across as a little aggressive. Do you agree?

Pettifleur then disappears and her gorgeous son Nathan started to make a really beautiful speech. We hear how she was given her name – from a song called Pettifleur – then comes the big reveal and there she is dancing to her song. She was amazing and really had those moves down pat – it was fabulous but guess what? The song started again and it was her other son playing the piano version this time. It was and incredible and lovely moment I did have a giggle for no other reason than just because! The night continues and next up Gamble chats to Gina about her makeup artist and looks confused as to why she said what she said. She then asks Jackie about what she meant when she was in Manilla and said that Gina would ultimately hurt her. Gina asks Janet to come over and things get really out of hand. Gamble asked the question and then turned the whole thing around and bought up her being a physic! Gina does her usual throw away line that Jackie and Janet have diluted pupils and then walks away! She always does this and it’s so frustrating, she starts something and never finishes it off. Jackie is furious and chases her out onto the balcony. Now I know Jackie and have been friends with her for a long time and I have never seen her so angry! Seriously this was so inappropriate from both girls. I can’t cope with Gina calling Jackie a bogan again – seriously! Jackie leaves, followed by Janet, then Gina and of course Gamble! I felt so sorry for Pettifleur as it was such a special night for her and she had gone to so much trouble – it’s not how I thought the night would end! And with that disaster we were able to bring series two to a close!"

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