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Chyka Keebaugh Doesn't Understand Why Gina Liano ‘Constantly Makes Fun Of People’ And Weighs In On #ShoeGate Drama!

Chyka Keebaugh is taking to her personal blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Chyka Keebaugh explain why she doesn't understand Gina's sense of humor and shares her thoughts on #shoegate. Chyka writes:

"We start episode 9 with Ben and Jackie, these two are crazy! I love how she uses the word couture all the time – it always makes me laugh so much! Jackie fills Ben in on the drama that was Manila – and what a drama filled trip it was! She explains how upset she was about Gina making fun of PettiFleur’s accent and the fight they had together. I love how she tells him the truth about her behaviour – Jackie always owns what she says and does and that’s why I love her.

Lydia invites me over to see her new renovations and they are beautiful! The house looks incredible and I can see how proud she is of it all. It was a massive achievement. I absolutely loved the kitchen- such a dream to have all that room – I have definite kitchen envy. What about those electric draws? I think if they were in my house I would be constantly knocking by mistake and then walking into the draws! And OK, I will admit I am a little jealous of the two dishwashers. The number of time ours at home goes on a day is a joke! Now what did I mean by all the candles in Lydia’s house? What does she love to do?

Next up are Gina and Gamble looking like twins in their matching sequinned dresses, I think Gamble has a serious crush on Gina! The girls are all so happy to be there and ready to support Janet. But as usual, will this event will go off without a hitch? Ofcourse not. Gina tells Jackie about her shoe range and the fact that she has named a shoe after us all – she doesn’t want her to tell us all as she wants it to be a surprise. Carlos arrives and Gamble is so not happy! She doesn’t even know who he is so this is getting very interesting…. How does he know things about Gamble? Who is the reliable source? What are the photos? It’s right about now that I feel very happy not to have been there – this story just won’t go away. Gamble appears to be getting very upset and turns to Gina for some advice. She wants Carlos to show her the photos and he appears to not want to be having this conversation at all. I think he is really wishing he could disappear and apparently he gilded the Lily to just stop the conversation! Back to PettiFleur’s accent and how upset she is regarding Gina making fun of her accent. This is not cool! No one should ever be made to feel uncomfortable and if she wants her to stop I think it’s time to stop. Do you think it’s racist if someone makes fun of your accent? Finally the girls cheers Janet for the launch of her tea and foundation – oh that’s right – that’s what you are all there for!

The night of Ginas shoe launch and again I can’t go and I was very disappointed to not have been there to support her and this venture. There sure is a lot of sparkle and glitter and that room and I loved Gina saying if she exploded that’s what the room would look like – classic! Gina shows Gamble her shoe and she loves it – I’m not sure about mine. Love the sparkle sole but not that heel! PettiFleur is asking questions about the heel and how Gina has a red sole – who knew that it was already trade marked by Mr Louboutin. Do we think Pettifleur is playing tit for tat because of the book conversation?

Pettifleur and Janet talk about the shoe launch while out shopping for dresses and discussed whether or not it was cool for her to use our names without asking. I wasn’t happy and knew that the next time we caught up I would have a chat about it.

The perfect end to the day was Ben and Jackies new high tea launch at Ripponlea. It was so fun to arrive with Janet and we had a great chat about Ginas shoe range and the names of the different shoes – we werent happy! Bruce and Chessie came too which was fun and I really loved how Ben and Jackie had set up the space. It really looked brilliant and the attention to detail was fantastic. Their new brand looks great and tastes even better. I’m so excited for this next part of there business and I was excited to see who they chose as the new face of the brand. I had done some filming for their brand video the day the girls were having a makeover so I had a feeling as to who I thought it should be! Gina can’t cope with Jackie using the word couture all the time and calls her a bogan! I’m not happy with this and do not understand why Gina constantly makes fun of people. I think she thinks she is being funny but it’s not.

Pettifleur arrives and has really embraced the vintage theme. I feel like she was channelling Jackie O and I love the fact that she made such an effort as that’s what Jackie wanted us all to do. Janet talks to Gina about not liking her shoe – Gina says they are cutting edge – what do you think? Finally my time arrives to chat to Gina about the shoes and I have to say I found her very easy to talk to about the change and we both agreed on the change and I’m very happy to have the Cheeky Shoe. I haven’t seen the shoes yet – still waiting Gina…. And I am certainly not sure about Pettifleur’s name of Black Bitch! I think after all the talk of racism perhaps this is not the way to go.The time arrives for the big announcement and Ben was trying very hard to slice the top off the champagne off – god love him! Natasha is announced as the winner and she is exactly who I thought should win. The helicopter arrives and Jackie leaves in style only to return 1 minute later because she had the keys – what an exit and what an ending!!"

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