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Andy Cohen Reveals He Almost Didn’t Cast Bethenny Frankel, Kim Zolciak, And Lisa Rinna As Housewives!

In an upcoming Watch What Happens Live special, airing May 26, Andy Cohen sits down with the Real Housewives of New York City star and admits he was wrong when he originally doubted the Skinnygirl mogul as well as Kim Zolciak and Lisa Rinna's future as Housewives.

"Well, I was initially wrong about you," he says. "Because I, initially, when I saw the first casting of New York, was reticent about you because you had been on The Apprentice. And I thought that that was weird at the time. Isn't that funny?”

Clearly the Watch What Happens Live host has had a change of heart, now saying Bethenny was “born to be a Housewife.” But she’s not the only one he’s been wrong about. “I’ve been wrong a thousand times,” he adds.

Case in point? He also didn’t think Lisa Rinna would be a good addition to the Beverly Hills crew, and even passed over her during the first season!

“You know Lisa Rinna was on the first casting tape for Beverly Hills,” he reveals. "In the first season of Beverly Hills, I thought 'I don't see it. It's weird. It's not what this show is,'" he recalls. "But then last year I wanted her on."

And the Atlanta Housewives haven't been immune from Andy either. "I didn't get Kim Zolciak in the initial casting of Atlanta," he says, sharing that she reminded him of a country singer. "I did not get... We have this white woman. I just didn't get it.”

As for who actually did miss the boat—well, Andy reveals who didn't make the cut for the New York crew. "We almost had an amazing black woman," he says. "Anyway, they fell through, so maybe next season."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo