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Pettifleur Berenger: “Clearly Gina Doesn’t Know The Legal System As Thoroughly As She May Think. Isn’t She The Lawyer On The Show?”

Pettifleur Berenger is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Pettifleur Berenger shares her thoughts on her confrontation with Gina Liano over 'Switch the Bitch' #bookgate. Pettifleur writes:

"Going to Cose Ipanema with Jackie and Lydia was fabulous! Us girls love to dress up and buy gorgeous things and I needed to catch up with them anyway, so what better place to do it than in one of the most fashionable places in Melbourne?

Of course Lydia would be flattered that she has personal shoppers at Cose Ipanema selecting things for her to buy, but then again it doesn’t take a lot to flatter Lydia. As we were looking at all the fantastic gowns I really wanted to talk to the girls about Gina, and address her behavior and ask their opinion. I was starting to put all these pieces of her puzzle together, and trust me; that puzzle wasn’t looking very pretty! The girl’s advice was to speak louder when confronting Gina, but I was taught to have a quiet confidence about me. I’m a lady not a loud mouth!

So we move on to Gamble and the dog show, and finally there was a hit with her spectacular dress, and a bloody miss with those damn leopard stilettoes? So a hit with the dress and a miss with the shoes equals a hit and miss you could say. She looked like ‘Audrey Hepburn’ meets ‘Call Girl’! And then Gina rocked up (of course) looking like Gamble’s clone, with their matching capes and her predictable 1980’s look! I did think though that Gamble’s scene was a bit of fun and light hearted, I really enjoyed it, especially Gina looking like Liberace clapping in the crowd! Haha!

Watching the Tea House scene in South Yarra, I was really touched about Janet’s story with her son. Having sons of my own, I hold them very close to my heart and as a mother I would be absolutely devastated if anything (like what happened to Janet’s son) happened to them. I think Janet’s son is brave and courageous, and I am excited to see how the tea project that they are working on pans out. But Jackie! Hello girl, what were you wearing? You looked like a banana in pajama in that shirt; she literally looked like she rocked up out of bed in her pajamas! It was nice to see everybody then celebrating a trip away to Manila!

Then we go to the scene with Gamble and her sister Tempest. I wonder if Gamble will be jealous of her sister if the plastic surgery makes her look better than Gamble! Or if she comes out looking like her twin. That would be an extensive surgery (Haha!) And then of course Gamble couldn’t stop talking about Gina. She’s always up her butt! And when she said ‘Lippo’ Suction. First things first, we need to know how to pronounce something that we get so regularly Gamble!

I think it’s really important to take away from this scene that feeling beautiful on the inside is the best feeling of all. Because if you’re ugly on the inside, looking beautiful on the outside will not complete you! Also, she spent $90 thousand dollars on all the work that she had done, and $20 thousand dollars of that money was spent to fix some bad surgery? Well Gamble; all the bad work still needs to be fixed! (I kid!) I’m not saying that Gamble looks like a clown, but I think that all of her nip and tuck is a bit much. I mean really, what did she start off looking like? Or did she not like her face. I’m not entirely against people who get plastic surgery, but Gamble started it at such a young age now that’s a bit much!

Well, that scene with Jackie and Chyka with all those sexy men! I could not believe that Jackie was actually embarrassed and Chyka looked like she didn’t want to leave. Talk about role reversal! My mouth actually dropped when I saw Chyka lick that cream off his body, erugh! She looked like she was loving it and it seemed as if she hadn’t had a butt like that in her face for a while! We see her at the end of the scene surrounded by all those men and I just thought: “She doesn’t want to get up off that chair! This girl ain’t moving, she wanted more!”

The poker night was a bit of fun and glamour, and who better to play poker with than the ladies and Shane Warne! But I couldn’t help but notice the chemistry between Lydia and Shane, how could you not? The room was electrifying! But I was just innocently questioning Lydia about her friendship with Shane, no other intention at all! (Wink, wink!)

So packing for Manila: I am very pedantic. I needed to wrap up all my beads and silks up separately so there was no damage to the garments. Clearly Lydia didn’t get the concept of hand delivering her housekeepers mail though, she wanted to post it.

I found the conversation with Chyka, Gina and Gamble a really fantastic opportunity to clarify some misinterpretations about ‘Switch The Bitch’. They were so wrong in every way to attack the book with no knowledge. Without a doubt, ‘Switch The Bitch' is one hundred percent authentic, its about real women and their unique stories, how could you plagiarise that? Also you can’t copyright a book title (I’ve done my research bitches!) Clearly Gina doesn’t know the legal system as thoroughly as she may think. Isn’t she the lawyer on the show? Hmm! Coming from Gina I’m flabbergasted!

Also, the word bitch; now let’s be real here, Gina has said far worse! The word ‘bitch’ is saturated in our media and it’s become an everyday word that means a variety of things. So I’ve reclaimed the word ‘Bitch,’ and I want others to as well. It’s all about positivity, empowerment and channeling your inner strength, is it certainly not about something degrading! I’m also not calling a woman a bitch in the title of my book; I’m simply talking about a type of behavior.

So we move on to shopping! I would take shopping over champagne any day! And as you see in the scene where Lydia and Janet and I were browsing over some gorgeous jewellry, there was a stunning ring that had a similar name to me: ‘Petite-fleur.’ Lydia then said, let’s send it to your partner to see if he can buy it for you (considering the price tag!). No, no Lydia! I buy what I want, when I want, and I buy it for myself! I hate being branded as a ‘kept woman.’ I walk the talk.

In this scene I also wanted to talk to the girls about another thing that had being playing on my mind with regards to Gina. Now the fact that I am of a mixed race is irrelevant, however in the past Gina has brought up this difference, and other things that made me feel uncomfortable. I’ve never really had this much attention surround this before and I wanted Lydia and Janet’s opinion. In this scene Janet justified Gina’s behavior by saying that “That’s her way of joking and her sense of humor.” But Janet wouldn’t be laughing back if it was her.
As the episode comes to it’s tail, we have one really beautiful scene, which is contrasted with quite an ugly one. On the roof I actually got a little bit emotional. Talking to Chyka, I felt comfortable about opening up to her that; coming from a disadvantaged background I felt both connected and attached to the children that I saw on the streets in Manila. This was a truly poignant moment for me. To go from that place to where I am today, I just cannot even comprehend my life, and my luck! I was so overwhelmed by that scene, and even weeks later I was choked up about it.

So then the conversation about Janet and the tea comes up. She says that she’s going to meet a tea master and I say tea taster. A tea taster and a tea master are the same thing! How else are you going to become a tea master without tasting the tea? Honey, after all I come from the country of experts in tea-plucking!

So we move from this to the dinner table at the Seventy One-th floor! (Haha Lydia, I knew what you meant, don’t worry). I wished they popped me on a couple of cushions because I looked like a little black Tinkerbell! And I was ready for a good night and some good company. But I wasn’t really ready for what would happen next.

So I brought the topic up to Chyka about my book, and then some things unfolded. Firstly the other book as I explain in the episode is completely different to mine. Totally different concepts! But I couldn’t help feeling that Gina took this as an opportunity to confront me and give her incorrect opinion.

You would think from her experience last year, and the fact that Gina was planning to write a book that she would be a bit more supportive. However things turned nasty, and I said to her, “You don’t like a lot of things about me Gina,” and she said, “You can back right off, I’m not interested in your opinion.” You can also see in the scene that she actually grabbed my arm, (Gina really does have a tendency to come into peoples spaces.) Regardless, I am a proud woman with an honest book; I have nothing to hide; so I gave her my opinion anyway.

Every single woman has a bit of bitch in her. #whobegstodiffer!

See you later bitches!

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