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Lisa Vanderpump: “The Whole Ridiculous Intimation By Kim That Harry Was Guilty Of Something Insidious Was Infuriating To Me”

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. Lisa Vanderpump reveals what she tried to say at the reunion before getting shut down. Lisa writes:

"Aargh here we are again. As I sit here in the waiting room as my husband undergoes surgery for another hip replacement, I ponder and reflect on the truly important things in life, and what have I learnt over the last few years?

I know that participating in a reality show has been a learning curve for sure, how remaining stalwart in my resolve, to expose all aspects of my life and learn from the consequences...Even moments in our off-time--Kyle and I in the dressing room--are an accurate depiction of our relationship: laughter, good-natured banter that you would never in a million years dream would be aired.

That is the basic premise in a reality show. Be prepared to expose yourself and deal accordingly, and that is what Kim doesn't seem to understand.

She keeps reiterating, "Keep my name out of your mouth." "Don't talk about me."

Well if you appear, and your demeanor and your actions are questionable, be prepared to answer those questions. I believe that is the basic premise of a show such as this. Kyle has covered many a track for years, but in this forum, it is highly impossible to keep anything hidden. Taking responsibility is the one thing that evades both Kim and BG. I stated this in the first segment to BG: Understand this--just saying sorry doesn't alter or change the facts. It might lead one to believe that they are alleviated from responsibility, or, as they both do, continually deflect so as to shift the focus of the matter at hand.

Lisa was vindicated by the segment that was shown. It was BG who brought up Kim as Lisa was challenging BG on her behaviour (again the master manipulator being exposed). The same for Kyle--it was her account that was accurate at the poker night. She went to the bathroom and Kim followed, of her own volition, as the documentation that this show provides proves.

Unfortunately when things are off camera, like magazine gate last year, we are forced to rely on these inaccurate accounts from these unreliable witnesses, so there you have it...

Deflection, denial, anger are traits they have in common.

The whole ridiculous intimation by Kim that Harry was guilty of something insidious was infuriating to me. That is why I urged Lisa to challenge her.

I knew the intimation was unfounded and baseless, and if she didn't confront it, it would linger like a bad odor, so when push came to shove, there was nothing. Again, case  in point, all will become exposed eventually. Who lies, who hurls hollow accusations with nothing to substantiate them ends up looking foolish.

So be sure to live your life transparently, be sure to have a solid foundation before you challenge somebody, and above all, have a modicum of accountability for your actions and beware when cameras are rolling--they are your witness. So as we endeavour to sort out this multi faceted situation, there is more to come.

Relationships with friends old and new can never be as complex as those of siblings. The deep rooted history that spills over into every conversation between the two sisters is sometimes hard to comprehend, so as we close on this penultimate episode, I assure you there are new revelations. The interference from a third party, with an intent to undermine one of the sisters, becomes evident next week as you will see.

I bid you all a good week. Thank you SO much for your well wishes that I will be sure to pass on to the man I love as he recovers.

As always...Love, Lisa.

Just a footnote: Some have asked what I was going to say to Kim, before Andy shut me up. I was going to ask her why in Paris she stated I was contesting her sobriety and was so angry when I gently asked if she took a sleeping explain her bizarre behavior.

What is the difference? "I have never seen such double standards in my f---ing life!" ...Lisa R., do a jig."

What do you think about Lisa’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo