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Claudia Jordan Weighs In On Kenya Moore And Phaedra Parks' Emotional Sit Down!

In a recent interview with Bravo, Claudia Jordan talks about this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Claudia Jordan dishes on Kenya Moore's sit down with Phaedra Parks. Check it out below! What was your favorite part of the Philippines trip?
Claudia Jordan: Hmm, my favorite part of the trip was riding horses up the mountain top where we could see the water-filled crater/volcano. That was awesome. Even though it rained and wreaked havoc on some of our hair, I couldn't care less about being glam at that point. It was all about the experience. And looking back and seeing the ladies all doing something we've never done before together -- and in harmony -- was nothing short of a miracle! Were you surprised that Kenya and Phaedra were able to finally make up?
CJ: Yes and no. I think once they were able to talk without others constantly chiming in with, "Well I thought this, or I think that, and the way I feel, etc." made it possible for Kenya and Phaedra to hash it out. I remember once before when Phaedra said she wanted to apologize to Kenya, but then others seemed to talk her out of it. This time there was no peanut gallery with a motive to sway things. Deep down I don't think many people really want conflict and negativity in their lives. But with this group sometimes things are done to show out, and it was awesome to see the two of them talk and have a moment. I actually got teary eyed watching a real moment happen. And I was proud of the progress these two ladies made. They have come such a long way. See how wonderful things can happen when you "do the work"? How wild did things get when you and the girls went out?
CJ: OMG! Y'all have no idea! We got to see some great pole work, and I'm not going to say who had the best and freakiest skills. All I will say is that there was booty everywhere! We had a camcorder and we got a few things that I think had to be erased… Haha! But as long as everyone stays cool and doesn't go back to being shady, their secrets are safe with me!

I just wanted to add that I was in Dallas and Los Angeles this week and all the #RHOA fans I met were incredibly awesome and complimentary and supportive of the show. I am so glad that they were so happy and receptive to me and enjoyed a couple of drama-free episodes! I will say that it was a bumpy ride and we are not all the way home free yet, but we have made some amazing strides and I'm here for it! I hope we can continue this. Also I feel a little protective about the camaraderie, and I will fight to keep it the way it is. So I hope no one tries to have us go backwards. We are all responsible for keeping things going in a positive way. Again, none of us are perfect and we may take a step backwards here and there... but I feel good about us all moving forward!

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo