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Claudia Jordan Dishes On RHOA Season 7 Reunion!

Tthe Real Housewives of Atlanta filmed the show's seventh reunion special on Friday, March 27. And after a long day of filming, reaction tweets from Andy Cohen and the cast came flooding in. Claudia Jordan reveals how she was feeling going into the taping.

A few weeks before the taping, Claudia told the Daily Dish that she was hoping for "fun and positivity" at the reunion. She may have gotten her wish. The RHOA newcomer not only survived her first reunion taping, on Friday night she tweeted, "What an amazing day!"

Leading up to the reunion, the radio host and actress, who famously had a war of words with costar NeNe Leakes, felt she had nothing to prove. "I feel like I've proven myself to NeNe and the world. I would prefer for it to be funny and light," she told the Daily Dish, but added, "However, if she wants to go there, we can do it."

Claudia declared herself the victor in the infamous Puerto Rico showdown and made it clear that she was prepared for battle. "It's not like I don't have any verbal bullets in the chamber if comes to that," she said. "They have to understand, I worked in radio for many years—you have to be good at improv, you have to be good at thinking on your feet and being able to react...I'm not worried about anybody at the reunion."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo