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Chyka Keebaugh Weighs In On Gina Liano And Pettifleur Berenger's Dramatic Confrontation!

Chyka Keebaugh is taking to her personal blog to dish on this week's episode of of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Chyka Keebaugh shares her thoughts on Manilla trip and Gina Liano and Pettifleur Berenger's confrontation. Chyka writes:

"So tonight’s episode starts where we ended last week still at dinner with Pettifleur and Gina going at it along with Jackie. Some gorgeous colourful language was used – a few hand gestures and off we go again. When these arguments start I think to myself – seriously, are none of us able to communicate in a civilised way without screaming and shouting? It really can be so frustrating listening to all the name calling that I even lose track of what’s going on. There is a lot of conversation between Pettifleur and Gina as to whether she is being racist and making her feel uncomfortable about her accent etc. I really hope that’s not the case as no one should ever be made to feel that way. There is talk that Gina was trying to throw the new girls under the bus with both Janet and Jackie saying she talked about it at a filming they did together – of course Gina is denying it – here we go again! The drama just never ends does it?

Time for bed to get ready for a new day! I was really excited to be meeting Janet’s famous tea master. Considering it was one of the reasons we all came to the Philippines I felt really honoured.The tea masters house was not so far from the hotel but the traffic in Manila is absolutely crazy so it took longer than you would expect to get there. Renee Sebastion is such a gorgeous woman and both Janet and I warmed to her straight away. She taught Janet and I how to make chai tea and the interesting thing is she told us roughly how much to put in of everything and yet both our teas tasted completely different. After filming she and her team spoilt all of us along with the crew with the most amazing afternoon tea – we were all so happy as it was very hot and to have a calm, peaceful afternoon together was such a treat. But, like all good things it came to an end and we went back to the hotel to catch up with everyone and see what they had all been up to.
Gamble and Lydia had a drink together at the bar. With Lydia trying to see how Gamble was feeling after the night before regarding all the drama and why she is so quick to defend Gina when she doesn’t really know her. There is nothing wrong with friends doing that – intact thats what friends should do but sometimes you do have to listen to what’s being said and I am not sure Gamble has been listening. Jackie and Pettifleur have a catch up to rehash the night before and same old same old!

Time to get dressed up for a fun night out. I loved the scene of Pettifleur and Gamble walking down the grand staircase. What did you think of Pettifleurs headpiece? She certainly knows how to stop traffic with a lace jumpsuit and pint tail. My first thought when I saw her was of Whitney Houston from The Body Guard, can you see it? I really wish that the two girls had been able to have a nice drink together before the rest of us arrived. There is a real tit for tat regarding bank balances going on at the moment. I’m not really sure why anyone cares how much money anyone has, who buys their own dresses and who does and doesn’t work. I am a strong believer that we all have our own circumstances and stories, what right do we have to judge each other? Woman can really be so tough on each other when we should be banding together and being each others cheerleader.

Gamble leaves stage left and Jackie, Janet, Lydia and I arrive stage right. Pettifleur is by herself and explains that she has upset Gamble. I think the general consensus is that she over stepped the line and needed to apologise. Back comes Gamble with Gina and we see that some form of truce is made. I announce that Jackie and I have come up with a theme for Gambles hens party – Bond Girls and she genuinely seems excited by it all. The night ends with more drinks and talk of who we will dress up as.

The next day arrives all got and steamy and we take a 2.5 hour car trip to The Farm. A beautiful health retreat that specialises in all kinds of amazing treatments. We all broke up into groups and I found the conversation between Gamble and Lydia incredibly touching.  I’m loving seeing this very soft and tender side of Lydia and although I knew her little boy died just after he was born, It was lovely to hear her talk about visiting his grave every year. The treatments were heavenly and the thought of a delicious dinner before our long ride home was just what we all needed.

Pettifleur decided to tell Gamble what her barbie name meant – Carnival barbie is because she apparently always has her mouth open and looks like one of the carnival games. I did love Gambles reaction that she thought it was funny because she has had lots of balls in her mouth! Gina and Pettifleur talk more about the book Switch the Bitch and how Gina has read the first page of the manuscript – Pettifleur is blown away and feels very excited that Gina understood what the book was all about although Gina is still very concerned about the fact the book could be seen as plagiarised. Time to leave that one alone Gina – this is Pettifleurs book and she already knows all about it. Gina then invites us all to the launch of her shoe range and I asked her what she was calling them – just remember that for a later episode, and she says they are called The Gina Liano range. I think all the girls were a little surprised as who would have thought that Gina would do that – we know she loves a sparkle or two but not that she wanted to be a shoe designer.

We leave dinner and Manilla the next morning! Even with all the drama we still had a fantastic time away and I loved seeing a country I had never been too before. The Phillipinos are such beautiful and kind people and the team who looked after us while we were brilliant. My hair and makeup artist – who arrived every morning to bring me to life while I had my breakfast was a gem and I still love seeing what he is up to on Instagram!"

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