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Chyka Keebaugh Explains Why She Was Disappointed In Gina Liano!

Chyka Keebaugh is taking to her personal blog to dish on this week's episode of of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Chyka Keebaugh dishes on her 'Big Group' dinner extravaganza event and reveals why she was disappointed in Gina Liano. Chyka writes:

"I do love a Mother and Son shopping day and Pettifleur certainly is the mother to shop with. Her and Nathan’s shopping morning is very entertaining and the start of episode 5. Nathan is a lucky boy getting that beautiful new suit and it sure was entertaining to watch them put together his new look, I loved it.

Next we have Gina and Gamble at the Fashion Aid event and Gamble proclaiming her underlying love for Gina. The girls continue talking about the rumours, Janet’s apology and me! Gina says that I am a fence sitter and that I should have been someone to help Gamble. Well here we go again! When Janet passed on her information to Gamble there was a lot of raised voices and talking over one another – I did say to Gamble that this wasn’t true then Janet needed to go back to her source and put the fire out!  Janet agreed to do just that and I constantly asked Gamble of she was OK. I am not the kind of person who ever sits back and watches someone get hurt – it just isn’t me! As far as Gina implying that I did that last season I think it’s really unfair. Gina was a new friend to me and had an established relationship with Andrea already. I had many conversations with Andrea telling her to talk to Gina and trying to help them get along. I also sat on the phone with Gina and listened to her discuss what was happening from her point of view. I certainly don’t feel that as a grown up woman I needed to get in there and start screaming and shouting. We all know that is not my style and will get you no where! Let me think how many times Gina called to have a chat to me about me? Never! I was really disappointed to hear her say this.

Next up Jackie, Pettifleur and I catch up at The Coppersmith. Pettifleur has been away and wants to catch up on all the news. Poor Gambles barbie comments have certainly caused a stir but I know Pettifluer embraces her name and is very proud of her achievements. I still can’t quite work out why Pettifleur has such a problem with Gamble but it does seem that they are on totally different pages. Lunch with the 3 of us was fun and also a great opportunity for me to spend some quality time with Pettifleur. We haven’t really ever had a chance to get to know each other properly and I have to say I did enjoy learning more about her.

I was so excited to have the girls and their friends come to our offices and kitchen at The Big Group. Bruce and I really wanted to put on a beautiful dinner and showcase some fabulous food, delicious wines and hopefully have some great conversations. Chris – one of very clever chefs created some original savouries and we always like to do things with a twist so the spring pea and mint soup in the test tube was a bit of fun. I don’t think Gina liked it much though! We took everyone upstairs and I am so proud of how the space looked, I loved it. We used lots of colour, candles and flowers and it really did smell amazing. Creating spaces like these are one of my favourite things to do, sometimes I have to pinch myself at how lucky I am and what a fun job I have.

We were all excited to hear Lydia talk about her son’s wedding in Florence and it also made her quite emotional. She was talking from the heart and we were all very much in the moment with her. I think we all felt her emotion and the story of her losing her baby at 21 was heartbreaking, I felt very privileged  that she shared it with us all. Dinner continues with the two new girls agreeing to disagree and then Janet wanting to talk to Rick about all that has happened. Gamble is still angry with Janet and I have to say that I felt this had already been put to bed so was a little surprised when it became heated again. Rick was wonderful with how he handled the situation and even Bruce who never gets involved in things like this knew that it was time to stop bringing up the past. Fingers crossed we can move on. Thank god for the singing chefs who added a moment of fun and lightness to the evening. There was something you didn’t see in last night’s episode and that was our fantastic dessert. Each person was served an edible playing card double the size of a normal card. They were presented on an easel with a have you ever…. question? We went around the table and it was actually a really nice way to end the evening which had it’s moments but was actually a really great night.

I loved the last scene that Gamble and I had together with our dogs! She was really patient with my boys and we had some very funny moments with Cash who tried to have a special moment with Ollie. We chatted about the night before and all that happened. What I respect about Gamble is she knows when she goes too far, I feel really happy that we have been able to move on with our friendship and talk about something else other than those silly rumours."

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