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Carole Radziwill Shares Details About Her Upcoming New Book!

The Real Housewives of New York City star Carole Radziwill is gearing up for her next release, the bestselling author reveals what to expect from her new non-fiction book.

"I'm writing about things that I like to think about: relationships, men, women, sex, death, experiences that I've had working for ABC News that I've never really written about," Carole tells the Daily Dish. "I spent a lot of time in Afghanistan during the war and I didn't really write about that."

On the current season of RHONY, viewers have seen Carole struggle to meet her deadlines, but with production wrapped, she says she plans on covering a myriad of topics. "It's going to be a whole bunch of different essays in bite sized, bite sized pieces," she explains. "So you don't have to commit, you know, to a 300 paged book."

Carole is still ruminating over the title of the tome, but she says she's toyed with the idea of naming it after a certain Hollywood actor. "I was calling it Waiting for Liam Neeson, because that was the title of one of the essays about men and the perfect man, Liam Neeson being a metaphor for that," she reveals. "But I think that might not be the title of the entire book."

That'll be the last hint we're going to get about the title, though. "That'll be a big secret," she teases. "I'll reveal it next year when it comes out."

Surce/Photo Credit: Bravo