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Watch Tamra And Eddie Judge’s Leaked ‘Sex Tape!’

Tamra and Eddie Judge have a "leaked sex tape" that's making the rounds online. And it's not what you think - the Real Housewives of Orange County stars spoof celebrity sex tapes in a new fitness ad!

The camera then shows the two in what appears to be a compromising position. Barney can be heard telling her man to go “deeper” and that it “hurts to good” while he tells her to “just ease into it.”

But when the lights switch on, turns out the two are just making a workout video in the gym
Tamra and Eddie are launching a new series on YouTube for CUT Fitness that will provide viewers with unique tips on fitness, nutrition, and living a healthy lifestyle.

“I came up with the concept. As you might know I love to get people’s attention. Knowing that there are a lot of celebrities out there that got noticed from ‘sex tapes,’ I used that concept as a spoof to get our message of health and fitness…and subscribers,” says Barney, 46, of the brand new CUT Fitness YouTube channel she and Judge are making “to reach out beyond our studio in Rancho Santa Margarita and help people all over the world live a healthy lifestyle.”

“Starting next week we are going to provide workouts, fitness tips, nutrition and healthy lifestyle videos, so make sure to subscribe,” she adds.

Watch the video below!

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Photo/Video Credit: YouTube