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Team Giudice Writes Open Letter To Tabloids About Recent Rumors!

Our Twitter friends, Team Giudice took to Twitter to address the recent rumors surrounding the Giudice family. Check out what they had to say below! Team Giudice writes:

"On behalf of the Giudice Family I would like to say thank you for the support, prayers, love, and faith you all have shown to them. They are completely in awe at how loved Teresa is. This family has become very special to me. As you all know when I see wrong I try to right it, when I see complete garbage I work to correct it. And when I see complete vile and hate, well I cannot hold back. Like I have said before the no swearing policy this page has, is being challenging to keep to. But I am committed to abiding to that policy.

This week the family has had more than their fair share thrown at them. Joe Giudice has never cheated on Teresa. There is not a photo from the visiting area of Danbury. As I stated before each visitor is searched, cell phones are not permitted into the visiting room, and no one Furthermore Teresa or any member of her family would never violate the rules of where she is at. They respect the system and it's rules. Radar Online doesn't bother to check it's stories or the rules that are posted online. I wish they would, it would save them some embarrassment.

There is also no hope for Wendell Williams and her brand of talk show. I am hoping that the fans of Teresa Giudice will consider not watching her show anymore. Seriously, folks I am sure we could do it really easily. So let's work on it. Perhaps if she drops in the ratings she will understand she has pissed off the wrong fan base.

Today I happen to catch the part where WW chose to tell Teresa to go have a fling with a hot young thing, then send Joe divorce papers. Teresa and Joe are not these type of people. They believe in marriage, they believe in family and they believe in good times and in bad times. And they also believe in never giving up when the going gets tough. For WW to give advice where none is wanted or asked for is harmful and mean. To say this knowing that Teresa and Joe have a child who is on social media is especially cruel. I hurt so badly today for Gia. As a mom, I would have a hard time not wanting to hurt a person who did something like this.

The Giudice Family is an amazingly strong, determined, and proud group. They also do not deserve to have lies printed about them, or the gossip mongers to do what they do. This family has shown nothing but class and compassion. Some people would have told me to take a flying leap but not this family. And for that I will be grateful for them. I am grateful for Teresa not telling me to stop the page. This page is a labor of love, pride, faith and compassion. I care about this family and what happens to them. So please understand I only want positive, caring, and loving thoughts for them. If you cannot follow that one request please find another fan page to follow.

I wish everyone a very happy weekend, a life filled with love, happiness, faith and hope. I wish for the Giudice Family some peace and kindness and compassion from people. Because in the end they are humans who bleed like we do, who love like we do, and who hurt like we do.


I know sometimes my writing comes off different I am sorry for that. Working to get back to better everything about me and my writing! Thanks for bearing with me!"

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Photo Credit: Bravo