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Stassi Schroeder Launches ‘Straight Up With Stassi’ Podcast

Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder has landed her very own podcast. That's what I do best—judge," says Stassi Schroeder in the introduction to the debut episode of her new podcast, Straight Up With Stassi.

The series is avialable on Play.It (same as Sonja Morgan's podcast)—it will offer weekly chats about the world of pop culture and beyond, and in her first episode, she makes plenty of surprise revelations about her personal life, relationships, style, on her obsessions, her boyfriend, and more. Check out her 6 biggest revelations below!

Her Boyfriend Didn't Know She Has Extensions
"I was in New York for Fashion Week and staying at one of my best friend's house, and I go there and she was like, 'Girl. I have to tell you, I love your extensions! They look so amazing and natural.' And my boyfriend looks over and says, 'You have extensions?' And I said, 'Are you high?'" Turns out, her main-squeeze Patrick Meagher thought she got a blow-out. "It was like telling him Santa Claus didn't exist."

She's Obsessed With The Daily Mail
Stassi reveals she checks the website every hour, every day. "I love celebrity gossip!" she says. "But I look at the news too...Daily Mail needs to be renamed the Kim Kardashian Photo Album."

Instagram Makes Her Depressed
The fashionista, who has 456K followers, admits the social network can give her the blues. "I follow all fashion people and models and bloggers and I get major FOMO," she says. "And I follow Food Network too and get FOMO because I want to eat [everything]...I'm a slave to Instagram."

She's Really Into Yoga
And she has her boyfriend to thank for getting her into a more zen mode. "We could have an argument and if he went to yoga and came back, it was like Jesus walked in the room," Stassi says. Though she admits her idea of staying healthy was pizza and Diet Dr. Pepper before, she says now that it has "changed her life...I am now a yogi." The one downside to her fitness regimen: "It barely burns any calories." But she's amazed at how much "stronger" she's gotten along with the "no-judgement atmosphere" that classes provide.

Vanderpump Rules Is Real
Nevermind the haters who may say the show is scripted. Stassi's here to set the record straight: "It's real. We're just saying things we normally say to each other in private, but the world just happens to see it."

She Loves That Her Boyfriend Is a Techno-Phobe
Sure, he has charm and good looks—Stassi says the reason she'll most likely marry her boyfriend is because he doesn't have an Instagram account. "I think it's the hottest thing," she says. "He could just care less."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo