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RHOMelbourne Recap: Fresh Start, New Faces [Episode 1]

The Real Housewives of Melbourne are back on Bravo, but this time they are on prime time airing on Thursday nights at 9pm/8c. The best part is that we're only a two week difference from Australia, so we're not that far behind, thank god! Now let's recap the season 2 premiere episode, shall we?!

The episode starts with a mini recap of what went down on season one. We see clips of Ms. Andrea Moss (who's not returning), and then a teaser of what's to come in Season 2. We see the introduction of the two new wives: Gamble Breaux and Pettifleur Berenger! This season is gonna be full of drama and I can't wait for it. First thing are the new intro taglines.

Gina: “I deal in fact, not fiction.”
Lydia: “I love tradition, but I’m not a traditional housewife.”
Janet: “Some people have ups and downs, I have roller-coaster rides.”
Jackie: “Make light of me all you want, but I’m still going to shine.”
Chyka “Style is an attitude, not something you can buy.”
Gamble: “Gamble on me and you’re sure to win.”
Pettifleur: “This little flower is no shrinking violet.”

Definitely my favorite tagline is Chyka's. Followed by Gina, Gamble, and Jackie.

Chyka Keebaugh, Lydia Schiavello and Jackie Gillies meet for lunch. Jackie shows off her new crimp hair do while Lydia and Chyka show off their new fabulous bodies due to their weight loss. I must say Lydia and Chyka look amazing, I'm honestly not really feeling Jackie's hair. They start taking about their weigh loss tips, Lydia reveals is due to portion control and drinking lots of coffee. Chyka asks how much coffee she is drinking. Lydia responds that she drinks 8 cups and her heart is pounding and she quickly makes a witty remark claiming she likes to get pounded all day. The waiter stops by the table to take her drink order and she shares that she likes wet p****es…(the drinks!)

Janet Roach phones the ladies to inquire if they are attending her upcoming birthday party. They all say yes, well, actually Jackie says “Shine! Shine! Shine!” while Lydia continues to say “Wow!” Next stop is Janet. She  meets with her friend, Carlos who is offering his venue to host her birthday party, however he shares some bad news: the construction won’t be completed in time to host her big day and this doesn't go over so well with Janet. She starts to panic and she’s hoping he finds a new location for her party. Carlos quickly distracts Janet with his sexy charm and changes to subject by bringing up her love life. He basically verbalizes that she can get any guy she wants, is he flirting with her? Are these two an item? Are they just "friends?" Guess he just have to wait and see.

Next, Janet meets her hairdresser Patrick, who's her 'girlfriend that's a man,' as she puts it. Janet shares her concern about inviting Gina Liano, but Patrick convinces Janet to invite her and Janet leaves Gina a voicemail. As she’s showing of her dress options to Patrick (by the way, some of her dresses look like they're from Forever 21) – Gina returns her call and confirms that's she's going to her birthday party.

The bitch is back! As a sign is stated on a building where Gina is seen walking is absolutely priceless. Gina meets her sister, Bettina for lunch to catch-up. Gina reveals she just came back from LA from visiting her boyfriend. Gina opens up about her boyfriend and reveals that she will eventually move to US to be with him. Gina's sister bring up Lydia, Gina says that her friendship with Lydia will take a lot f time to repair.

Meanwhile, Janet is stopping by her baker to make a cake for her party – which happens to be that same night. Who orders a cake the day of an event? While janet is giving him ideas of her ideal cake, he becomes Dr. Phil and tries to examine Janet.

Anywho, it's time for Janet's birthday. Carlos came through and got a venue for the event. Chyka and Jackie and turning it up together in their limo while we witness the most awkward car ride between Gina and Lydia. We hear absolutely NOTHING! Lydia senses the awkwardness, they try to do small talk but that even makes it more awakard.

Gina: “How’s [husband] Andrew?”
Lydia: “He’s good”
Gina: “Well I heard you two separated. From two different sources. Independently. Three, actually.”
Lydia: “NOPE.”

After breaking the ice, Lydia apologizes to Gina for their feud last season. Kudos to Lydia for being the bigger person and recognizing her mistakes. At the party, Janet announces that a new Housewife, Gamble, will be joining the group. “Her real name is Gamble, she’s had it since birth, she's a real person,” Janet insists.

So, we’re introduced to new housewife, Gamble Breaux. She lives in Mount Eliza, hangs with her Pomeranian pup, Cash and she's an art consultant. She loves to twirl rainbow ribbons by her pool, and she reveals she's a former model. Gamble is in a committed relationship with Rick, an ophthalmologist whom she met on e-Harmony! She reveals that her eyelashes are the most important part of her life and that her life motto is calorie-count. Apparently she loves eating frozen peas with Tabasco hot sauce, and no, I'm not kidding, she said it, not me! Gamble admits she loves and takes care of her stepson because his mother passed away, they seem the have a great relationship. So that is Gamble for you!

Then Janet get's emotional as her son, who was in a tragic fire where over 70% of his body burned, showed up to wish her a happy birthday. This was lovely scene, my heart went out to Janet, it was raw and real! Gamble arrives to the party and greets the ladies.

Gina and Lydia arrive and Janet starts to throw some shade towards Gina's way and says  "the drag queen has arrived." Gamble thinks Janet is being mean, and Janet decides to take the highroad with Gina. Gamble and Gina start chatting, and surprise — they instantly hit it off. “Gina is so gorgeous! If I was gay I’d turn for her,” Gamble says.

Next we’re introduced to the second new housewife, Pettifleur! She reigns from Sri Lanka originally and has made her riches in Melbourne as a property developer. She lives in a penthouse downtown in an exclusive building has three sons and lives with her partner, Frank. She believes that every woman has a inner bitch and admits she loves going commando, watch out Sonja Morgan, you got competition now.

Back at Janet’s party, Pettifleur fills Jackie and Gina in on her background: While Sri-Lankan born, she also reveals she's got Swiss, Dutch and Portuguese heritage. “So, what language do you actually speak?” Jackie asks. Pettifleur, simply responds: “English.” Pettifleur sounds like she's a cut throat kinda girl who doesn't put up with BS, so far I like her and free-spirited Gamble.

The party is over, The next day, Gina meets with Gamble for lunch. Gamble wastes no time spilling the tea to Gina about how the ladies were making fun of her prior to her arrival to Janet’s party. Gina is now kind of wary about trusting new people, especially after what she went through on the first season. Gamble then gives Gina a crucifix and evil eye bracelet. Meanwhile, Janet meets Carlos at the park, where he’s walking he's … pet pig, yes you read that right, he's pet pig.

Janet and Carlos put their constant flitting aside to gossip about new housewife, Gamble. “I’ve heard many stories about Gamble,” Carlos confirms, apparently Janet has heard shocking rumors about Gamble's past, and the episode ends.

Next week: Janet and Chyka confronts Gamble about the ‘many stories’ they've heard and Gamble throws a murder mystery party.

What were your thoughts on the season 2 premiere episode? Do you like the new wives? Sound off in the comments below!

The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Thursday nights at 9pm/8c on Bravo!

Photo/Video Credit: Arena, Bravo