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RHOCheshire Episode 8 Recap: Egg-scruciating

By Chris Adelaide

Disclaimer: This contains dark humor and lots of shade - the recap is based only on the opinion of the author, not to be taken so seriously!

It's a new day in Cheshire and Ampika is trying to come to terms with the heartbreaking news of her ex-husband's father passing away suddenly. She's understandably devastated as she and ex-husband Mark are still close, which feels quite surreal to her. When Tanya visits, she reveals that the loss has caused her to contact her estranged father, and she's been devastated to find out that he has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. She's fighting back the tears, but staying strong and researching as much as she can, adamant that she will be there for him as his full-time carer.

They visit Ampika's vast dressing room and talk soon turns to the drama at the art event, which Ampika couldn't attend. Tanya spills all about Nick and Royston telling tales to Dawn, and unsurprisingly Ampika is hurt by that as she had considered them friends. Tanya then divulges about Dawn poking her and Ampika is shocked. When Ampika see's Dawn, she will wait to tell her what she thinks to her face - and I can't wait.

Speaking of Dawn, it isn't just Tanya and Ampika she's irritated either. Lauren is seething after Dawn verbally attacked her husband Paul, and meets with Magali to discuss Dawn, who they nickname "The Dawn". It's not acceptable to call someone else's husband a chauvinist pig and Magali makes it clear that she would not stand for that either. Lauren is pretty sure that Dawn is basing her attack on the details that Ampika revealed about Lauren's marriage at Peckforton Castle, and though they are close, she is going to have to discuss it with her and hope there will be no further idle talk of their marriage. But for now, Lauren has bigger plans - a birthday party for her rabbit Sweetie. Yes, you did read that correctly - a birthday party for a rabbit. I'm almost as shocked as Magali was. One thing is for sure though, Dawn is not invited and will never set foot in Lauren's house again. Amen Lauren, exorcise that demon!

Also hosting a birthday party is Leanne, whose daughter is turning 12. The party is the usual boring Leanne event, though when Tanya arrives, talk turns to Ampika and Dawn's friction. They both feel that the two of them need to sit down and discuss their issues, and once again Leanne is belligerent and refuses to see that Dawn may have caused some (*cough* all) of the issues within the group. Typical.

Can you guess what The Dawn's talking about this week? It's her eggs again - Yawn. She and husband Ashley visit a doctor to discuss freezing her eggs, and I'm losing the will to live watching this. I'm sorry, but this is a mother of four whose gynacologist has advised her not to carry another child - there is no sympathy necessary here, so Dawn, please find something to discuss that isn't whether or not your 40+ year old eggs are duds and please backstabbing and bitching about other people. I'm sure she won't stop whining about any of that, but I can hope, right?

It's the day of Sweetie the rabbit's birthday party and a bemused Magali is first to arrive. Lauren has made a huge effort for the event, despite Paul not being too fond of the pet. He didn't even know about the event until the night before - so funny! Lauren makes a speech on Sweetie's behalf, and just when you thought it couldnt get any more surreal, she brings out an opera singer to sing Happy Birthday! How the other half live...

After understandably skipping the last event, Ampika has decided she needs some cheering up and attends the birthday party, to the surprise of the other girls. When she disappears outside, Lauren goes to find her and talk to her about the gossip at Peckforton Castle, but she puts it all aside when Ampika tells her about her father's diagnosis. Paul soon joins them and shows what a good guy he is, being supportive of her and her plans to be a carer for her father. Ampika hasn't been receiving the support she needs from her mysterious boyfriend, so she's ended the relationship and breaks down in tears as she discusses the situation. My heart really goes out to her.

With Ampika going through such a difficult time, Lauren has arranged a golf and spa day, so the ladies can relax while some of the men take their frustration out on the golf course. Ampika and Mark are still struggling with coming to terms with their loss, but they're both looking forward to a peaceful day, though Ampika isn't too sure how peaceful it will be with acid Dawn there.

Dawn isn't looking forward to the day much, because she's fast making enemies with everyone else. So far, she has had issues with Magali, Tanya, Ampika, Lauren and Paul. Don't worry Leanne, your time will come too and you never know, maybe you'll have a chance to look interesting! I kid, that will never happen.

Paul arrives and meets Mark and Ashley, and his confidence is overflowing, though when he jokingly calls the women tarts, Ashley is less than impressed. Meanwhile, Dawn joins the other women in the spa, and the atmosphere just drops. While Leanne and Tanya depart for a massage, the other women sit uncomfortably in the relaxation room, until Ampika breaks the silence and tells Dawn that they need to talk. She explains what happened at her Opium party and what she told Nick and Royston, and she makes it clear that she no longer wants anything to do with them, while Dawn just sits back swigging her champagne. She asks Ampika if she's just mad because she has never visited her salon, but it's evident it isn't that. Ampika has an issue with how Dawn treats others, and The Dawn just can't argue with that. Lauren is shocked Dawn isn't attacking Ampika right now, and I wish we could hear Magali's take on the situation, because she is always accurate in her assessment. The subject of #pokegate arises, and The Dawn flat out denies ever poking Tanya at the art gallery, but whether it was a poke or a stroke, she still put her hands on her.

The ladies sit down for lunch and Lauren finally confronts Ampika about her discussing her marriage. Lauren is sure she has never confided in her about her marriage, so isn't sure where it came from, but it's not a major issue, these girls are cool and can brush it off. Unlike some. The men arrive after golf, and The Dawn just can't help herself. She builds up to huge news and all the women are excited and anxious of what it could be. Can you guess what it is? Yes, she brings up the freezing eggs situation yet again, and Lauren is still unsure of why someone in her position would want or need to freeze their eggs.

Eventually, Dawn announces that she and Ashley will be trying for a baby, and Tanya is less than impressed that after such a big build up, that was the news. Ampika is disinterested, and so am I. Who cares Dawn, really? If you need to have a hysterectomy, get it done, you have four children. Move on. In case you don't recall, Dawn had said at Peckforton Castle, that she would never bring this issue up again with this group of women, but here we go yet again. I think I need a spa break after all of this egg nonsense.

Next Time: Dawn's talking about babies again; Nick and Royston are back (BOO!) and Ampika tells Leanne the truth about how she's acting! Finally!