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Kyle Richards On Kim Richards: “I Just Wish Kim And I Could See Eye To Eye. I Am Hopeful That One Day This Will All Be Behind Us”

Kyle Richards is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle finally has the chance to clear her name regarding that fight in Palm Desert. Kyle writes:

"So, our last night in Amsterdam! We spent our last night at dinner, laughing and enjoying ourselves like we should have been all along. Meanwhile, Brandi was on a “date” with Max’s friend. It all seemed creepy and strange, but I suppose Brandi would say (even though we’re four years apart in age) that I’m just a “Menopause Mama.” To each his own.

We returned back to Los Angeles, and I have never been so happy to get off that plane and run for the hills. Literally.

Back in LA, we see Brandi meet up with Yolanda and inform her that her dad has been ill. I can imagine how upsetting that is. Also, being jet lagged and emotionally drained doesn’t help. While Yolanda gets her IV drip and Brandi gets her facial, Brandi seems to not get what all the women are upset with her about. What Brandi didn’t see or hear is that we ALL told Lisa R. that it was wrong to throw the glass. Terrible. But the difference is Lisa R. immediately says that she knows she was wrong. Another difference is Lisa R. ( while wrong) felt she was provoked. Brandi’s attacks seem to come out of the blue, making it impossible to trust her or be comfortable around her.

Brandi goes on to say that she doesn’t think it’s fair that everyone just dropped Lisa R. and Kim’s argument. That was THEIR choice. It was their argument, and that’s what they decided to do. A mutual decision. I was also confused by that and struggled to just drop what had happened.

I don’t get Yolanda always wanting to teach Brandi a lesson. She is not her mother and is only eight years older than her. It’s as if she’s talking to a teenager. It’s time for Brandi to grow up and take responsibility for her own actions and the consequences that come with them.

Kim meets up with Adrienne and fills her in on Amsterdam. I don’t understand why Kim insists that I ran after Lisa R. the night of their fight. This comes up at the reunion as well. I ran out first when the glass started flying. I only came back to get my purse. She wants to make it sound like I sided with Lisa R. Kim screamed at me that night and said some very mean things. I didn’t want to be around her at that moment. I wasn’t choosing Lisa R. over Kim. I was choosing to get out of that environment.

Between poker night, the Gay Mixer, our lunch with Eileen, the plane in Calgary, and then Amsterdam, I needed to get away. I couldn’t brush everything under the carpet anymore. Our relationship had taken had a horrible turn for the worse, and this is a side of Kim I choose not to be around.

After my conversation with Lisa R., where she told me Brandi had concerns about Kim, I was frustrated that Brandi was discussing these things with Lisa R., while at the same time telling Kim that Lisa R. was going around talking about her. Why did she fail to mention to Kim that SHE also took part in this “talk” and was expressing the same concerns for Kim? Brandi was also going on and on about Eileen and Lisa R. talking about Kim. Didn’t Brandi also sit on the beach with her friend Jennifer and talk about Kim? And what about her conversation with Lisa R. saying “Isn’t everyone worried about Kim?” Brandi was clearly playing both sides and Kim had no idea.

I wanted Kim and I to spend some time away from everyone, so we went to Palm Desert. Like we always do. It is normally a two-hour drive and an easy getaway. For people who live in LA, it's the most common weekend escape.

We hadn’t spoken since Amsterdam, so it was obviously awkward. Getting into all of this with cameras around is not easy. For five years now, people have thought that I “stole” my sister’s house. I never spoke up to defend or explain myself, because that would mean I would have to discuss private information that would make my sister more angry with me. When she brought it up again this time, after we had spoken about it in private and cleared it up, I wasn’t going to just sit back again and have my character and integrity attacked. Let me make it clear, since I believe many are still confused. It’s quite simple: My sisters BOTH wanted me to buy them out of our Mother's house. I did so. Paying them BOTH an equal amount. Why would Kim accept anything less? For whatever reason, as years passed, she thought I paid Kathy more. NOT the case. Which is why I brought up the deposited checks AGAIN. I do not want to go into more private details , even though in doing so it would explain my side MUCH more clearly.

Another thing: To the people that imply my sister solely paid for the home with her childhood earnings is an insult to my mom. My parents moved to Los Angeles before I was born and built a beautiful home here in Bel Air. Once my parents divorced, yes, Kim worked. So did I. You can check out my IMDB to confirm that. Our Mom was our manager and worked her butt off to run my sisters and I around to audition after audition and juggled with my grandmother between the studios with Kim and me. Kathy dabbled in acting. She wasn’t really into it but was an amazing singer with an incredible voice. My mom sold our home in Bel Air, then moved to Beverly Hills and eventually settled in the Desert.

I was the executer of our mother’s trust. She asked me to hold onto the house for 10 years and then sell it. I think that was because it was so hard to face dying and think of all her most prized possessions no longer being a part of our lives as well. Business wise, it was a terrible investment, because we were losing money. But I had made that promise to my mom, so we hung onto it. We finally came to the decision after 12 years to sell the home. It was difficult, because it was very sentimental to all of us. I told Kim, and we discussed her daughter Brooke having the listing and maybe my daughter Farrah as well. They could share the listing. SO, Kim had plenty of warning that we were selling the house and plenty of time to come say her goodbyes. Whether she did or not was up to her.

Anyway, that is that. It’s painful to keep going over this time and time again. I want to put it to rest. I just wish Kim and I could see eye to eye. I am hopeful that one day this will all be behind us.

Thanks for watching.

Until next week…"

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