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Janet Roach Explains Why She Had The Best Birthday Ever!

Janet Roach is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on the season two premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Janet Roach thinks newbie Gamble Breaux is trying too hard to be liked and opens up how emotional she was when her son Jake appeared at her birthday party. Janet writes:

"OMG, here we go again! Episode 1 is always much anticipated by the girls and I, and here it finally is. It’s an opportunity for us to see the very first glimpses of how we look and sound after all the work of filming.

Loving Jackie’s new LA hair, Chyka’s rocking necklace, Lydia’s cute new arse and of course the mandatory shots, thanks to Jacs!

I was really freaked out about my party venue changing at the last minute. I had already chosen everything for the party at the Saint. In three days I had to reorganise a whole party and make sure all the guests and suppliers had the new details. Sometimes when things don’t work out, the new plan turns out to be even better. That’s what happened at my party.

Carlos is a great friend, but he was only being gorgeous to placate me for causing so much grief. He is really cute, but I am not in love with Carlos. And I am not sleeping with Crackling.

When I heard Chyka talking about Jackie’s Psychic ability it sent shivers up my spine. I have had sooooooo many instances where the same thing has happened to me with Jackie. Truly amazing.

I so love Jackie and Chyka, they are passionate about what they do and life in general. They are honest, loyal and supportive friends. I have laughed and cried with both of them, and I hope we always do.

Lydia in the car with Gina was one of the highlights of this episode. Awkward! But when Lydia apologises to Gina for Gina calling her the C word, I’m lost. What are you doing Lydia?

Another highlight that I am sure was not accidental on the part of production, is that great scene when Gina is going to meet Bettina, and walks past the sign “the Bitch is Back”, LMAO.

Bettina looks great, love her, I have known her for as long as I have known Gina. The sisters are very alike in personality. I was a bit disappointed that Gina did not ask Tina one question about how Tina was going or what was happening in Tina’s life.

It is here I would like to point out a very important scene. In the car on the way to my party, Gina tells Lydia that she has heard from two independent sources, no three independent sources that Lydia has split up with her husband Andrew. Ooops is Gina gossiping? Remember this you guys, it is really important.

I have my concerns about Gamble when she says “My life motto is to calorie count”, and “my arse is my big career”. But when she tells Gina that someone at my party said Gina has a” big energy” and called her” Darth Vader”, SLURP!!! Was that the sound of Gamble’s tongue up Gina’s arse? “Gina is a Goddess”. SLURP! “If I was gay, I’d turn for her’.” SLURP!!

And the sound continues as Gamble gives Gina a little gift of protection against all the other nasty girls, but proves that Gamble always has Gina’s back. SLURP!!

Who says “You still haven’t changed those earrings.” What, you can only wear earrings once?
Who says “Your look is hit and miss”?
Who says “I love to go commando” in the first 30 seconds of meeting someone?
Who says “I would not have worn those earrings with that dress and I would not have worn that dress”?

Pettifleur, that’s who. Pettifleur was lovely to me, but seeing what she said to the other girls, the jury is still out.

Biggest highlight of the episode is when Jake turned up with Paul. I got a little teary. He had not been out in public since the accident, and here he was. I did not hold much hope that he would come, and I would understand if he didn’t.

I know the truth about how difficult it would have been for him and I was so deeply moved that he came for me. It was the most beautiful moment of the whole party. Most of my friends have known him since he was a small child. They were as overwhelmed and happy to see him out as I was.

Paul, my other son encouraged Jake and they came together. Paul knew how much it would mean to me to have them both there. Jackie and Chyka shared a little tear with me too. Best birthday ever.

So what if I called Gina a drag queen, she says it herself. So what if I had too many shots, I had the best time at my party. The only thing missing was Bella and Boychik (Janet’s dogs)."

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena and Thursday nights at 9pm/8c on Bravo!

Source/Photo Credit: Arena